May 13, 2015

What an amazing Spring this has been.  Some of the old timers are saying it is the wettest May they have seen in 24 years….wow!  I knew it was raining an awful lot, but that is really amazing.  I know I haven’t seen it this “green” since we have lived here….and this is really good news considering the devastation of the wild fire in 2011.  All of the land around here was parched from one of the worst wild fires in the history of our state and for the past few years we have had nothing but unsightly brown bare sticks emerging from the dry ground and now beginning to fall.  But now, new life is springing up everywhere and my soul just wants to sing!  🙂

With all of this new growth also comes new little critters, which bring the snakes and other wild animals, so this has been an interesting Spring in that regard as well.  First snakes we have seen since the wildfire have made their appearance and they want to make me scream!  LOL  I am truly a country girl at heart (even though I have lived in big cities most of my life) but I will NEVER get used to the snakes….I really enjoyed thinking they all burned up with the fire, but alas….back to wearing my snake boots in the Spring.

My poms are really enjoying the pleasant weather too.  By now in Texas it is usually unbearably hot & humid, but we are loving the cooler, wetter weather.  Doesn’t do much for the “hair do’s” but…well, you can’t have it all, right?!

For some reason all my girls were delayed in their cycles this Spring…could it be the weather? LOL  I don’t know, but I feared they would all come in at the same time and sure enough they did!!  So…..we are going to have a very fruitful and busy summer.  We have several litters due beginning in late June/early July.  I do have a waiting list started, but we should have plenty of pups with lots of colors to choose from and we even have some new moms in the mix which always get us excited as we anticipate what colors we might get.

Happy Spring Ya’ll.

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