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is a stunning chocolate merle parti girl. She is so unique and beautiful. Even her eyes are chocolate and always full of eagerness to please. She is a sweet mellow girl… more of an observer than a leader and usually submissive to her friends. She is quirky and fun and the best mom ever. She has produced some of our most beautiful and unusual pups. We adore this sweet girl and are so grateful to have her beauty and sweet disposition to produce such wonderul pups. Cookie weighs 5.75 lbs. COOKIE has been bred with Hershey. Litter due: June 19, 2024. This pairing almost always produces wonderful combinations of chocolate. ūüôā


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FANCY PANTS, aka¬†‚ÄúFancy‚Ä̬†(champion lines)
Fancy is a lovely orange sable who is almost solid orange now. ¬†Her coat is magnificent and she looks so regal with a slight black mask on her muzzle. ¬†She is one of the sweetest girls we have….always wanting to please. ¬†She is also one of the best moms and her babies are magnificent! ¬†She adores her “littles” and just can’t get enough of them….so attentive and loving. ¬†She is super sweet and we just adore her.¬†She weighs in at about 6 lbs. Fancy was bred with Zinger. ¬†Litter born: ¬†6.9.24. Photos coming soon on the available page. ¬†Two¬†spectacular¬†blue merle males. ¬†One handsome black male. ¬†Text or call if you need photos before I get them posted. ¬†Mom & babies are doing¬†great. ¬†(View Pedigree)

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DEE DEES “LUCKY” CHOCOLATE CHARM¬†is a unusual and exotic chocolate merle girl. ¬†She is very energetic and playful and extremely loyal. ¬†She is such a happy girl that we worry she is going to wag her tail completely off! ¬† Gorgeous thick and silky coat on this girl…..we are in love. ¬†Hoping she will someday produce another just like her! ¬†ūüôā Lucky weighs in at 5.5 lbs. Taking some time to rest and play

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DEE DEES FLEUR-DE-LIS or “BUBBLES” as we call her. (champion lines)
BUBBLES is what we have called this little girl since she was very young. ¬†She is just so “bubbly”….ALL THE TIME! ¬†:). ¬†She is always happy and always alert and ready to please. ¬†She is super smart and so intuitive it is scary. ¬†We love her personality and we love breeding her with Ringo for beautiful parti pups! ¬† Although Bubbles presents as a cream parti in color, she is actually carrying the merle gene from her father (Romeo) and occasionally throws a beautiful merle. ¬†Most of the time she throws parties or whites and creams, but she surprises us occasionally! ¬†;).¬†She is very active and strong but can also be so gentle and sweet. ¬†Wonderful temperament and she is one of our best¬†moms. ¬†She dotes on her babies and never wants to leave them for very long. ¬†We love her to pieces.Bubbles was bred with Hershey. ¬†Litter born: 5.12.24. Her¬†blue merle male is still available for deposit.¬† We will be retiring Bubbles after she weans this litter. ¬†She is such a super sweet girl. ¬†Let me know if you might be interested in her.

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DEE DEES GENTILLY LACE aka “TILLIE” ¬†(champion lines)
TILLIE¬†is a beautiful example of a classic orange sable. ¬†She has so many beautiful shades in her coat and I love the dark sabling that has stayed in her adult coat. ¬†She is the daughter of “Taylor” who has always been one of our favorites. ¬†Tillie is a gentle sweet soul and a peacemaker amongst our tribe. ¬†We love this sweet girl and look forward to many lovely, sweet babies.¬†Taking some time to rest and play
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DEE DEES PRIZE OF RAYCEE “ZOEY” (champion lines) ZOEY is a classic example of the black & tan pomeranian. Perfect black & tan markings with a full lush, rich black coat. She lives with my daughter and her family of 7…she is spoiled rotten and a little princess. She weighs in at 5.5 lbs and is truly a beauty. Wonderful personality and very loving and sweet. She has lovely little babies and we are so glad to have her in our breeding program. Taking some time to rest and play

DEE DEES SWEET AS HONEY (champion lines) HONEY is a stunning light cream girl with lots of white accent. Her face is beautifully framed in white and although she needs to be groomed in this photo….her coat is amazing! She lives up to her name in being the sweetest of the sweet….such a special little girl and such a great mama! We love this girl and look forward to lots of pretty babies with her. Honey has been bred with HERSHEY. Taking some time to rest and play.

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