Our Guys

Skeeter is an amazing cream sable with a coat that is bigger than life.  His dad is “Toby” and we are just so proud of this boy.  He was almost solid black as a baby, but lost most of the black tipping as his coat matured.  He has turned out so lovely and we are hoping to have some amazing sables with this boy.  He is super friendly and loving and extremely playful….we just adore him.  His happy go lucky attitude is infectious and always makes us smile!  And the best part of all….he LOVES the ladies!  🙂 Skeeter weighs in at a whopping 4.75 lbs.
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DEE DEES JAX ARE WILD “Jax” (champion lines)
Jax is a stunning blue merle.  His coloring is spectacular and his coat is off the charts.  Fantastic little body on this boy with the short back and beautiful conformation.  Gorgeous headset and expression.  He is a winner all the way around.  He is super happy and playful and loves everyone.  He is not at all shy with the ladies and loves his job!  🙂  We are hoping for some spectacular babies with this boy and feel so blessed to have him! Jax is 5.5 lbs. of some serious eye candy.
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DEE DEE’S and Fisbeck’s Too Good to be True “Toby” (champion lines)
Toby is a 4.5 lb. GORGEOUS black & tan boy with a magnificent coat, beautiful markings, perfect little stout body and the sweetest face you will ever see.  Three out of his four grandparents are AKC Champions.  He loves to play and can be very mischievous.  He loves to run at our heels and get right underfoot.  Such an amazing and sweet temperament…always happy and so glad to see us…we are in love. He is consistently producing adorable babies.  🙂
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DEE DEE’S Rising Star: “Ringo” 
Ringo is a very unique looking  6 lb. black boy with white markings.  He is parti factored and gives us some amazing parti pups when bred with some of our parti factored females.  He also has absolutely incredible blue merles when bred to our merle girls.  He always gives us the sweetest and most beautiful pups.  We are so pleased to have this boy in our breeding program.  We just love this fun little guy!  🙂
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Hershey” is an amazing dark chocolate boy.. I have had a variety of chocolate pups through the years, but never tempted to keep one until Hershey….and so glad I did! He is magnificent. His color has stayed true (with the exception of some red highlights from the sun). He has such a nice body and his coat is unbelievable. He is not in full coat in these photos, so I will be getting more photos as his coat thickens even more this next year. He has sired some gorgeous litters with such a variety of color. Very sweet boy and we love him. And to top it off…he is amazing with the ladies and they love him too. :). Hershey weighs 5. 5 lb.s

It is so hard to photograph black dogs and really hard to capture how beautiful Chip is.  His coat is just amazing….long, thick and gorgeous.  Very sweet face on this boy and he is smiling all the time.  He loves our ladies and produces some of our most beautiful babies.  He has a variety of color in his background so we never know exactly what we are going to get with this boy.  He throws fantastic, very typy merles when bred with some of our blue merle moms.  We feel so blessed to have this boy.  He has the sweetest nature and always wants to please.  He is such a STUD! He weighs in at 5.5 lbs.
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