Black Pomeranians

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This is a page dedicated to Black pomeranian puppies that have been born here at Dee Dee’s poms through the years. I will add new photos as I am able to give you a good idea of how adorable these little black fur balls are. Very often, as puppies, they resemble a small version of black bear cubs…so cute! They are the hardest color to photograph since black tends to absorb rather than reflect light, so I am a little limited by that, but you can still see how precious they are.

Black Pomeranians were one of the original colors of pomeranians in history and used to be one of the most popular colors.   They were not popular for awhile but in recent times are becoming more and more popular and actually harder to find.  True, solid blacks are even harder to find.

If you were showing a black pomeranian for competition in the American Kennel Club any white markings would not be allowed, however, for those who just like “cuteness” the white mismarks add character and uniqueness.

Of course, none of these babies are for sale….they have all found their forever homes, but if you want to see our current pomeranian puppies for sale, you can go to the “pomeranian puppies for sale” page or just click on the yellow button that says “available puppies”  on the right hand side of the home page.


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