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Dee Dee’s Pomeranians
Phil & Debi Alley
Smithville, Texas 78957

Texas State License #235



We are a small breeder of pomeranian puppies near Austin, Texas in the lost pines between Bastrop and Smithville. We are licensed by the State of Texas and we have owned Pomeranians and raised them since we fell in love with the breed twenty+ years ago. Our three sons and one daughter were raised with these adorable balls of fur and now we are raising our 14 grandchildren with them as well. We are committed to improving on a breed that we feel is wonderful in all regards. In order to do this, we have brought in dogs from all across the nation to allow us to produce the best blood lines with championship heritage. We have never shown our dogs and don’t plan to show. Showing requires such dedication and commitment and I have never had the time to devote to showing. However, we hope we are improving on lines that the top breeders in our country have spent years perfecting.

We are licensed by the State of Texas and in good standing with the American Kennel Club (AKC). We are inspected and approved by both agencies and have been given the Golden Star Award by the AKC showing that we have gone over and beyond their minimum requirements for keeping dogs.  We are regularly inspected by both agencies.

Quality of the dog is certainly one of our top goals, but equally important to us is breeding for the sweet affectionate temperament that these dogs are known for. We have a reputation for some of the sweetest temperaments you will find.

Debi has a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Science from the University of Texas in Austin, and has always been fascinated with genetics. So, besides the incredible temperament and personality of the pomeranian breed, the colors have always interested her as well, so we strive to produce the smartest, sweetest, and most beautiful poms around!

We love our dogs and we consider them members of our family. The pups are loved on from the moment they are born, so when they are old enough to leave, they have been well socialized and come with the expectation to be loved on and cared for. We are certain you will love them as much as we do.

With that said, responsible pet ownership comes with a price…. it takes commitment and patience and a lot of consistency. Bringing a new puppy home is like having a new baby and they require extra time and attention while they are growing and learning how to be respectable family members. They must be trained and they must learn good behavior if that is what you will expect of them. Please think carefully before making this commitment – it should be for a lifetime. Nothing will bring you more joy and companionship, but like all relationships, grace and love come hand in hand.


We adore this breed because they are engaging and personable and strive to please above all else. Their personalities differ as much as their color and markings. Every dog is incredibly unique, but we have never found one to be unpleasant. They steal your heart and it is very difficult to own just one. 🙂

Please browse our site and feel free to email me at
debi@deedeespomeranians.com with any questions you might have.

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