White Poms

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This is a page dedicated to “White Pomeranians”.  None of these poms are for sale, but simply examples of ones we have had.

True solid ice white pomeranians are rare and very hard to come by, especially those with black pigment on the nose and eye rims.  So, because I am limited by space I am including the very light cream poms in the category of “white” even though technically they would be “cream”.

White or cream poms are very beautiful and can range from being solid ice white (very rare) to more commonly a nice light cream.  Most of the time there is some very beautiful light shading around the mane area.

The white/cream poms are elegant and beautiful.  Their color usually stays true to the color they are as pups, although occasionally the darker creams can end up being a very light shade of apricot….also very nice.

The whites have  been one of the most popular colors in the pomeranian breed for the last several years and as you can see….they are stunning.  Enjoy!

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