We are definitely in the “dog days of summer” now…here in Texas as well as in many parts of the country we are under an extreme heat wave. Our pups live for the air conditioning just as we are doing right now. 🙂

It is hard to keep everything cool and hydrated right now…..our chickens are hiding under the coop. The birds peek out in the morning and evening, the pups can be found inside most of the day now, and well, I’m right there with them! I find myself going outside early in the morning and late in the evening, but with the humidity here in central Texas it is so uncomfortable and frankly quite dangerous to be outside during the middle of the day.

I have resorted to playing with my freeze dryer and getting used to it (a new exciting piece of equipment) and finding lots of chores inside during the majority of the day.

We have several moms “due” coming in August and September and we have a lot to do to get ready for our next “crew”. We are so excited about the variety of colors we hope to have…it is like Christmas year round for me…..I never cease to get so excited to see what our pairings will produce.

I hope everyone is faring well… is strange times we live in right now and the future is so unpredictable. Since my breast cancer in 2019 we continue to live with our new life motto…”one day at a time”. We have today, but tomorrow has not yet been decided… life to the fullest….love until your heart is full and with complete abandone…..and cherish all the memories you make today. Oh, and pray that Fall comes early this year!!! Sending love your way…..

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