As I have often told my kids, life is really just a series of one challenge after another, and it doesn’t necessarily matter what that challenge is….what matters is how we deal with it. This last year has been an enormous challenge for us as my husband underwent open heart surgery and shortly after that I had a recurrence of my breast cancer from 5 years ago. Because of this, we took quite a bit of time off from breeding last year.

This year has been a bit of reflection and good in so many ways. Because of our age (yes, its hard to admit!) we will be winding down our business in the next few years and feel a bit of sadness in that regard, but so fortunate and blessed to have had these lovely creatures for so much of our lives.

We have planned several breedings for 2024 and hope to have some lovely pups. Pomeranians still capture our hearts in every regard and their personalities are just like none other. They are our family…. and each one is so unique and special.

I hope you aren’t thrown any curveballs this year….but if you are….grab hold of the positive things you are grounded in and just throw it right back! 🙂

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