Please feel free to email for personal or vet references debi@deedeespomeranians.com.  Thanks so much to all of you…keep those updates coming! We love to see pictures and hear how our babies are doing..

First off I want you to know that me and Porter made it back to San Diego safe and sound yesterday, he did a great job traveling in his comfy travel bag. Your help and customer service during this process was top notch. There were so many questions that I had, then I received the info folder when I got Porter and it answered pretty much all of my questions. He is such a spunky lil guy, he steals my sock and hides them behind the couch. He has the perfect amount of independence, and the biggest display of love. With us being New Orleans lovers we have decided to name him “Lafitte” after the famous pirate Jean Lafitte from New Orleans. Don’t be surprised if you hear from me some time down the line as a repeat customer.
Thanks again Debi.

Hi Debi,
Just a quick update that we thought was super cute! We do DNA analysis on all of dogs, so if they have any genetic conditions they might be prone to we can anticipate any issues and prevent as much as possible. Anyhow, we unexpectedly found out our other two poms are related to her! No wonder they all love each other so much! So cute. She is a perfect addition to our family and we couldn’t possibly be happier with her. She has a perfect temperament and is nothing less than perfect! She has made quarantine enchanting. Thank you,
Tamara Love + family

I hope you are doing fine during this time. Attached are some pictures of Ceci. I hope you like to see her again. She has a sister that is a Chihuahua. They love each other.
Have a nice day.

Hey there, just wanted to let ya’ll know that we arrived home safely and Baby Rose is getting all settled in. We played with all her new toys, I showed her where her bed is and she’s taking a nap at the moment. It’s probably been a long day. Btw, she’s had some water and tried to feed her some of her kibbles but she didn’t seem that interested. Anyway, she’s perfect and everyone loves her! Thank you so very much again! You really do bring great happiness to people! 🙂

Hi just an update on Romeo (Spitz). He is taken over the apartment and wants ALL the attention. He likes leaning back and relaxing in his bed, biting moms feet until she pays attention to him, laying down on moms feet while she does the dishes and sitting like the royal king he is with one paw on top of the other. He also knows when someone is taking a picture of him and will pose as soon as he sees a phone pointed his way. He has a lot of sass! Will thrown a tantrum when we put a collar on him and go straight to his bed and bury his head. He will also pretend to sleep when he doesn’t want to do something and peek out of one eye to see if your still looking at him. He gets lots of attention every time we got to PetSmart and the vet and he hams it up with licks and tongue wags. Romeo was definitely a good name since he loves attention and every loves him. Just wanted to let you know he is doing great and thank you so much for my little love!

Hi Debi,
I just wanted to give you an update on Jaycee (now Rosie)!
Just as you said she is such a doll! We have puppy play dates and go to training classes regularly, and I consistently get comments from everyone on how she is unlike any other Pomeranian they have ever met. They are often impressed by just how calm and well-mannered she is, and of course no one can resist that sweet face 🙂
Rosie has brought so much happiness to my family in the short 6 months she has been with us, and I can’t thank you enough for that! Her curious and upbeat nature makes even the most ordinary situations feel special since it feels like we’re both experiencing things for the first time. I’ve enclosed a couple of pictures and a videos of Rosie and hope you enjoy looking through them!
Thank you once again, for the privilege of being able to raise, and grow up with the sweetest girl.
Lots of love from New Jersey,
Hazel & Rosie

Hi Debi!
We just wanted to say thank you once again for our beautiful fur babies! They couldn’t be any cuter or any sweeter! So far they seem to love everyone they meet and they have really settled into their new home well. We love watching them play together and it has been so much fun to see each of of their personalities develop even more. Thank you for raising two outgoing and healthy boys! We so appreciated your video check-ins during the weeks we awaited their arrival and all of the planning that went into flying them to us. It is very clear you deeply love all of your Pomeranians and work to find them the best homes. We will certainly be recommending you to anyone interested in becoming a Pom Parent!

Hi just an update on Romeo (Spitz). He is taken over the apartment and wants ALL the attention. He likes leaning back and relaxing in his bed, biting moms feet until she pays attention to him, laying down on moms feet while she does the dishes and sitting like the royal king he is with one paw on top of the other. He also knows when someone is taking a picture of him and will pose as soon as he sees a phone pointed his way. He has a lot of sass! Will thrown a tantrum when we put a collar on him and go straight to his bed and bury his head. He will also pretend to sleep when he doesn’t want to do something and peek out of one eye to see if your still looking at him. He gets lots of attention every time we got to PetSmart and the vet and he hams it up with licks and tongue wags. Romeo was definitely a good name since he loves attention and every loves him. Just wanted to let you know he is doing great and thank you so much for my little love!

Hi Debi 🙂
Pearl is doing great!! We have named her FANCI now and the family just loves and adores her!! She has the most sweetest personality. Just is an angel!! She visited Dr. Henry today for the first time and loved her. Everything looked great on her first checkup. She has a little upset stomach since Sunday but Dr. assumes it was just nerves and environment change. She doesn’t eat many kibbles so we got her some stuff to add into her food that the doctor gave me to make her more excited to eat. She sleeps next to me in her little kennel cage at night and can see me by the bed and she never has cried once!! She loves her fluffy princess bed at night and is a happy Camper until am its amazing !! We have taken over 1,000 photos and we are not posting any on social media until we have her “SIP N SEE” Party for my girlfriends to meet her in about a month. She is such a princess over here!!
Thank you for checking in!!

Little Miss Tuffy watching daddy do the yard. We absolutely adore this little creature! We are taking a driving trip to the Ozarks and then Branson and little Tuffy will be going with us.

Just saying hi from Slade! We are loving every day with him. He is full of energy and is so funny with the games he plays.

Hey Debi,
I wanted to give you a little update on Breezy. Her sparky personality is what drives her. She is always in a great and playful mood. She has quickly grown to become both me and my wife’s favorite of the three. She is definitely the smartest as well lol here are some photos of her so you can see she hasn’t grown much at all haha. Steadily holding at 2.5 lbs. She definitely makes our days so much better.

Hi Debi,
I thought you might like a couple pictures of Leonardo since it is his special day. He turns 1 today, and I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. He is my best friend and constant companion. I couldn’t envision my life with out him. Thank you so much for him,
Love to you,
P.S. Happy belated Mother’s Day

Thought you’d like to see how ‘Pim’, now Gizmo, has grown. He’s the boss of the family.
Best Regards,

Took Buffy to the Vet today, shots and checkup, everything is great, Thanks Again! She’s a doll……

Hi Debi!
Just wanted to give you a quick update on Teddy! He is doing great and we love him so much! We recently moved out to San Francisco and he is having fun going to work with me (he even has his own employee name tag). He is the cuddliest little guy ever and has been enjoying weekends at the beach (he is oddly obsessed with sand)! He is finally losing his puppy fur now but here are some pictures. He also loves shoe laces and follows me around everywhere. He is very social and has made tons of friends (including another Pom who is our neighbor). Hope you are doing well!

To say it was love at first sight when I met Popeye (Porter) is an understatement.
His first day home in California was better than I could have ever imagined. I was worried when I picked him up at the airport that he would be anxious, timid, and afraid with me and my boyfriend. However, from the moment I held him to hours later when I finally fell asleep in his new soft cuddle bed, he was amazing!
He played all night with us and was so so sweet every minute! He drank water, ate his food and treats, and played with all his toys.
In fact we were all laughing because the was hoping around like a little bunny and at times galloping around like a little pony. He slept peacefully and soundly without crying pretty much through the night and only woke up around 5:30 and I took him to bathroom. We played for a bit and then we went back to sleep. I love him so much and I am SO SO grateful to have him in my life. I could tell by the way he acts around me, my boyfriend and friend that you did an amazing job socializing him and gave him such a wonderful first 8 weeks of his life. Thank you, thank you! I attached some photos of his first night home. I promise to always keep you up-to-date on him and will send future pictures so you always know how he doing.
Diana 2019

Debi, I just wanted to update you on our sweet boy Merle. He is such a great dog. He loves to cuddle and play with our other dogs. He is so beautiful and smart!
Kim 2019

Debi, He’s such a good boy! Loved the snow we got.. and he has a great personality.. even if he did steal my Christmas fuzzy blanket gift! lol
Renee 2018

Hi Debi,
We just love our new “baby”, Cassie. We take turns playing with her and everyone that meets her fawns all over her too. She’s eating fine and is very social and playful.

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Paula 2018

Just wanted to say hi! Valentino’s first bow tie from his first trip to the groomers. He’s the best pup! What puppy uglies⁉️ He’s always cute!! 😉💖
Lori 2018

Her latest portrait. We have nicknamed her the Warrior Princess. She is fearless.
Maxine 2018

Hi Debi!
Just wanted to let you know that Teddy is doing great! He seems to have adjusted pretty quickly and even slept through the night in his play pen once we moved it next to our bed. He has been drinking lots of water, eating and is very playful. He seems to like his new bed in particular. He’s so funny and we love him already!
Thanks Debi!!
Amanda 2018

Hi Debi and Phil, I hope you both are doing well.
I just want you to know how great Sugar is doing. She is such a wonderful little buddy, I couldn’t have asked for a better side kick. She’s such a happy, happy girl, she curious, adventurous and funny!
Anyhow I wanted to share some memories and gratitude for such an amazing girl. I cannot wait to get another one!
Below are pics of her on her favorite chair (her perch), bath time, after rolling around in grass and on a hike in Riverplace.
April 2018

Just wanted to share a picture of Tessa. She’ll be 1 on the 10th. She’s still tiny, 5 pounds, very friendly and not a barker. She’s just adorable and we love her.
Louceyette 2018

Hi Debi,
I wanted to send you an update on Edward, previously known as Devin, just so you know how he is doing! We moved to Amsterdam about 5 months ago and so now he has been to 5 European countries and we are planning on bringing him to 2 more this year. Also, he has been to over 10 states in the US, so he has been our little travel buddy. But he has been a great companion and we are so in love with him.
Anyways, just wanted to let you know how he is doing and that he is greatly loved!
Tina 2018

Hi Debi.
I finally remembered to send you a picture of Baron. I am just in love with him!!! I sing your praises all the time.
Kind regards,
Michelle 2018

Thought you might like to see some pictures of Mr Winter. He is a beautiful boy, and we love him. I seldom see Winter without “his” man. They watch TV every evening and talk and have some ear scratching. My husband just walks around with his “boy” in this arms the rest of the time.
There’s a lake at the dog park, and fortunately there’s a self-serve dog wash just down the road!
This is Winter with his “other” man. He and my son go hiking at the nature refuge down the road on many a weekend.
Not sure where this was taken, but Mr Winter loves to run! He discovered the squirrels and rabbits in our back yard when he came to Fort Worth. They’re still faster than he is, but just barely, and he keeps trying.
He is still a goofball and one of the sweetest boys ever, but we need another baby. We lost Trib at Christmas and Callie last week. Both were older and both had heart problems which seem to be common to the breed, but we need a friend for Winter. Thank you so much for our beautiful Winter. He is the light of our lives.


I just wanted to send you an update on Merlin. He is such a cute little guy. He is adjusting to his new home and keeping us all on our toes. Everyone that meets him falls in love with him.
Kim 2018

Hi Debi,
I just wanted to give you a quick update this morning. We are loving “Little Bit”. She is a bundle of energy, love and fuzz. Everyone in the family loved her instantly. She enjoys our backyard and is quickly adapting to the her new environment. We want to thank you for gracing us with us with such a well behaved little one.
She seems very well mannered and somewhat trained already. Can you share a little bit of what you’ve done with her so far?
We’d like to keep her good behaviors and would love to hear what you’ve been doing with her.
Cathy 2018

Hi Debi!
Valentino loves his new comfort puppy. Once I got that for him he didn’t cry at night. And he’s loving this tunnel. This is the first time I’ve bought one. We play hide and seek with his toys in it. He’s hilarious. He already knows “sit”, and he also LOVES the Easy Raw food. He did great at the vet. They all went crazy over him! I’m IN LOVE
Lori 2018

Hi from Bandit !!
We saw your instagram today and felt like telling you how wonderful Bandit is… He is loved so much, doing very well.. Happy and healthy! I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful companion!
Renee 2018

We luv him so!

Hi Debi! Just wanted to let you know that Vida has turned into an absolute snuggle machine. She sleeps with me most nights now and has decided next to my head is her preferred sleeping spot. She is SO sweet, has such a great personality and fits in perfectly with my family. Vida is 5 lbs now. It must be all the salmon I feed her 🙂 Her coat is sooo shiny and soft, she gets compliments all the time. When my moms pom passes away I’d love to work with you again to get her a new fur baby.
Jane 2018

Wanted to thank you again for the baby boy. I think we are going to name him Oscar. 😊 He’s been a real joy so far and i absolutely love his personality. We are heading back to NC today and he’s been such a good boy.
Take care!
geronimo 2018

Hi Debi,
Just thought I would reach out- the little girl (Taffy) is doing wonderfully. She has adjusted very well. She is such a cutie-pie! She loves to play and is very well behaved.
Thank you so much!
Jennifer 2018

Hi Debi!
Topper, now Tiago is doing great and settling in. Took to the vet today and everything checked out just great. Thank you for loving him up, we will keep you updated.
Lenita 2018

Hi Debi,
I hope you and your family are well. I just wanted to give you an update on Pippin, now known as Atticus. He is quite lively, and of course adorable. He is doing great 🙂 We love him very much. On day two, Camille was a bit unsure about him (I think she realized he was staying) but this only lasted for a day or two. Now, Camille and Atticus are best friends! It is so fun to watch them play together and I am so happy that they have each other. Thank you so much for everything. I am so happy to have another pom in my life!
I attached a couple of photos as well 🙂
The box they are sitting in is a toy box, which has always been one of Camille’s favorite spots and now Atticus seems to be quite fond of it too.
Thanks again,
Elizabeth 2018

Hi Debi!
As you said, her personality has began to emerge. We are also almost completely house broken! She is doing so well and is so smart. Thank you so much for allowing me to make her a part of my home. We literally do everything together, and she makes it easier to be here in Texas away from family and friends. I recently made the American Basketball Association Semi Pro dance team and the team was invited to participate in the Kyle Founders Day Parade. I decided to take her with me, she got more attention than the dancers did! Every time we go out people don’t believe she is a real dog they think she is a cute toy until she moves. She is a local celebrity on my side of town! lol This weekend we are getting pictures taken! She also has a growing wardrobe of cute shirts and dresses. I cant thank you enough for giving me my new best friend. It makes living alone in a new city just a little bit easier.
Please let me know about the food. Talk to you soon!
Warmest Regards,
Alexa 2018

Tessa got her 2nd round of vaccinations Wednesday. She did fine just a little puny that afternoon. She weighs 2.10 pounds. We adore her. We’ve never seen a more alert and active puppy!!!!
Louceyette 2018

We want to thank you for letting us adopt Kisses and make her a part of our family. We love her very much! She is really a sweet girl and she is fitting in perfectly with our family and her new sister Lexi! I love that she follows me everywhere in the house and just lays where I am and watches everything I do! We just wanted you to know that we are so happy to have her. We wish you and your husband a very Merry Christmas!
Kim & Jim

Remember these two? Butch & Bubbly (formerly Hazel) born 11/30 & 11/29 respectively 2013. 4 years now, they have brought such joy to our life!
Thank you!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Kathleen December 2017

We adore Sheeba!!!!! She slept all night in her crate and we didn’t hear a peep until we went to get her. She’s used the potty pad three times and got 1/2 milk bone reward. She loves her toys and naps by Craig’s feet or in our arms. She’s perfect.

Paris is doing so well. She met the cats, who think she is hilarious. My daughter is completely in love and my husband was smitten immediately.
She is eating well, using pee pads and going outside. I know to take her out immediately when she wakes and she definitely lets me know if she needs to go outside while playing. She has completely won my heart and even slept well last night. She whined a bit, but I moved her to the bedside and put a pair of my pants in her kennel. She curled up with them and slept until 7:30.
She has really become part of the family and we will go to the ends of the earth to protect her and give her a long wonderful life.
I’m so excited to take her to the office and have a companion during the day. She will definitely put a smile on my face in the hour of chaos.
Thanks so much for allowing us to give her a home.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Best regards,

Hi Debi,
Just wanted to reach out again to say thank you so much for our fur baby Zeus! We are all absolutely in love with him! He has the sweetest disposition and is quite playful and cuddly. Whenever I take him out with me people CONSTANTLY come up to us to pet Zeus because he is so darn cute! We are so lucky to have him! Everyone should have one of DeeDee’s Poms!

Hi Debi,
We all love Happy Jan! She is part of our family and adored by all the school kids too! Can’t believe how perfect she is! She loves to greet the kids in the morning and sit in laps whenever possible but goes to take a nap during teaching times so is not a distraction. Thank you so much !! She is such a doll !
I wanted to get your expert advice on how to care for her . Wondered how often to bathe her and what products are best . I sure would appreciate any pointers you don’t mind sharing.
She is a keeper ! A perfect match for us ! We adore her !

We’re super happy to have Rikki and she’s warmed up to the kitties and my family, too. She’s a great little shadow to have around! Thank you so much for orchestrating getting her to us. She’s definitely our perfect dog!
Thanks again!

Hi Debi!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Just wanted to update you on Archie (aka Tex) he is WONDERFUL!!!
He is a fluffy ball of pure fun. He seemed to feel at home immediately upon arrival. We have a bit of work to do on house training.. but we are determined to perserve.. ha!. We have decided to continue with the wee pad training as it seems to be a great concept. Especially if ever traveling or visiting family and friends. As he goes everywhere we go!! My brother lives on the 14th floor of a high-rise.. not sure the elevator would be fast enough for an outdoor run, so the wee pad training is fabulous for such instances. Thx for introducing him!
He whined a bit when we first put him in the crate for bed on Friday night but we calmed him and he has not made a peep throughout the night since. His crate is in my daughter’s room so I think he feels secure knowing she is near him at night.
You did a fabulous job with him before he came to us! So happy we found you!
He is just perfect for our family! Will send pics soon….
Thank you!
Constance & Natalia

Hi Debi, hope you are doing well! Just wanted to send you an update on Oscar. He is loving his life with us and his sister, Harlow!
Some of his favorite things to do:
– jump in the pool
– run in the house soaking wet
– playing fetch
– going on long walks
His favorite toy is his bunny and he loves bullysticks! His coat is SO thick and soft and everyone stops to ask about what kind of dog he is and comment on his beautiful fur. He’s about 6+ pounds and he’s a great road trip traveler! He’s been to Houston, Lubbock, Beaumont and Austin next month.
Just wanted to give you an update, we love him!

Hi Debi!
Just wanted to give a little update on Cash. He is 9 months old now and his adult coat is coming in. It is so thick and gorgeous! He got neutered about a month ago and recovered quickly. He is still the smiliest pup I know and has the best temperament (energetic yet still loves his snuggles). He is quite tiny at around 5 lbs but his massive coat makes him look much bigger! He truly is a show stopper and is the most loving little guy. Thanks again!

Here is a picture of Sasha. She weighed 2lbs and 3.6oz. She’s almost house broke — only has an accident when I first get home from work if I don’t get her out. She’s learning the leash but hates it. And she knows what no means and usually listens unless its something she really wants to do such as going in the brushes were I can’t get her. The cats play thru them and she wants to play. Usually she comes when called except when she has other plans. She sleeps on the bed with me and can now go up and down stairs by herself. And we love her very much. She is great. Been watching your site and loving the new puppies. It will be a while before I can get another. But that’s ok.
Thanks and have a great day.
There’sa & Sasha

Dear Debi,
Have to thank you again for Cassee. She is fitting in perfectly, we all just adore her!!! So cute and smart…no accidents with house break ing. Which is amazing since we have to clear a spot of grass in the snow for her😁
Hope you having a wonderful weekend!

Hi there! He’s doing great! Zoots (now Quincy) has adjusted well to his new home and he sat in my lap the entire way home. We have hit some milestones this week, he now associates the dog bed that we bought with sleep time and he puts himself to bed between 9 and 10 every night. In addition he is getting much better about using puppy pads, he gets it right 8 out of 10 times now. Initially I tried housebreaking him but he was having a lot of trouble because of his age and because he is not fond of the leash so he needs to be trained to be accepting of the leash as well, which is why I decided to go with pads initially for a bit, will probably attempt housebreaking again later this week. He has been an absolute joy and is very spunky and loves his toys! His favorite is the hedgehog with a close second being the lizard. He has his appointment with the vet scheduled for Monday! Attached is a photo of him with his favorite toys 🙂
Harrison & Quincy

Dear Debi,
​Here’s some photos of Cash. The first one is from a few weeks ago and the rest are very recent. He is the best little companion! He is constantly smiling and wants to be with people all the time. He’s the sweetest thing, I love him very much. He has got quite the instagram following. His instagram is @cashthepommy which I upload pictures to frequently. Everyone loves him so much and strangers rave about how cute he is! Thank you again!!

Dear Debi,
Have to thank you again for Cassie. She is fitting in perfectly, we all just adore her!!! So cute and smart…no accidents with house breaking which is amazing since we have to clear a spot of grass in the snow for her. 😁
Hope you having a wonderful weekend!

I hope all is well! I wanted to give you an update on my little love Dallas (Prince & Dizzy)! He’s now just a few months shy of being one year old and he’s doing great! He’s 8lbs, very athletic and super sweet! He loves being around people and other dogs. He loves his toys and chewing his dream bone. His coat has come in nicely but he hates being groomed. I’ve attached a few pics for you. Thanks!

Sasha is doing great. She is very smart and loves to play. She has a lot of personality and an attitude. She plays with the 2 younger cats and they play back. She loves outside, no matter the weather. Tank, my son’s dog is an 80lb Huskie German Shepherd mix. She loves to play with him. We have to be careful there because he is partially blind. She still eats chicken only but starting to play at some kibbles. She is very active and we love her very much. Even my mom who is not real fond of animals living in the house will stop to play with her. All of our animals come in and out of the house when they want. Sasha can go up and down one step between our living room and the rest of the first floor but I carry her up the stairs. So, thank you very much for all your help. Hope to talk to you again when I’m ready for another one. You are the best, and I’m so happy I saw your sight. Will be watch the new puppies because they are so cute, and enjoy my new one.
Sincerely grateful,

Hi Debi!
It’s me, Hasbro! I am 8 months old and full of fun! My big brother August thinks I am a pest, but at least he plays with me sometimes ; )
Mom thought I was never going to get bigger, but when the vet weighed me last, what I do not have in height, I have in weight (mom says daddy feeds me too much but I am just so hungry all the time!) my coat is coming in and hopefully I will have one as nice as my brother…and I hate it when mom tries to comb out my tangles!
I love to play with my toys and Chase Bobbie the cat! I am a very happy boy and they call me Happy Hasbro!

Just a quick note and photo of our two fabulous Poms, Diesel and Koty. Thank you again for our newest family member- he’s such a hoot and has made himself feel right at home.
We’ll be sure to keep you updated on his progress.
Warmest regards,
The Harris Family

Hey Debi I just wanted to update you on Freyja (Taffy). She is healthy, full of energy, and braver than her 2lbs would suggest. She is fitting right into the family! Thank you so much for bringing this little fluffball into our lives!

Hi Debi,
How are you? I hope you have had a nice new year so far. I just wanted to e-mail you because tomorrow is a big day for Merlin (a.k.a. Marvel), because it is his first birthday! I wanted to send you a few photos of him so you can see how he has grown. They are attached to this e-mail. A few of them have his fur brother, Fluff (gold/tan), and fur sister, Stormy (brown/white), with him. Isn’t he gorgeous? His coloring is just stunning. Tomorrow I will be making Merlin a dog-friendly chicken pot pie for his birthday. He is just the sweetest little angel. We love him so much!
I hope all is well with you and your family,

Hi Debi,
Just wanted to let you know that Cash is doing great! He ate and drank water and went pee and poop. Now he’s sleeping because he’s a little tuckered out! Thanks for everything 🙂 I will make sure and send photo updates as he gets older!

Suggy is still doing great and enjoying the beautiful weather. She is an absolute joy and has such a wonderful personality! Thank you both for raising such an angel!

We love Punkin! I just wanted to share a picture! She is best friends now with our older dog. She loves looking at Christmas lights and is 100% going potty outside!!

Dear Debi,
I hope you are well. This morning I went to the vet with Rocket. Everything is fine. We are so happy to live with Rocket. He is such a lovely dog ever !!!
I wish to you a happy thanksgiving.
Best regards,

Hi Debi,
We hope you all are doing great! We love all the updates on the babies! Please keep them coming! We celebrated BB’s (Roxie) first Birthday on October 20th and we are sending you a few photos. For some strange reason she loves Batman and she told me she wanted a Batman Party. We made her little doggie Batman cakes which she loved and decorated the house with Batman balloons, posters, paper decorations, and large wall hanging of Batman to go with the Batman bed and toys she picked out. BB loves to dance and one day when my husband took her to PetSmart, she jumped into one of the beds that was of course a “Batman” bed and started dancing in it and would not get out so he had to buy it for her. That is when we knew she was Batman obsessed! She is such a character! We love her to bits!! She is the sweetest, most joyous little thing ever! Thank you again and we are so grateful to you for letting us have her! We hope all is well and we just wanted to give you a little update on how we are doing!
Take care and have a lovely Fall! Please keep in touch!
Liz, Jimmy, and BB (little Batgirl)

Hi Debi!
I have been having lots of fun in my new house! Mom and dad are just crazy about me…but I have not won my big brother August over just yet. Bobbie the cat lets me play with her and even bite her tail without getting too mad (I just can’t help it, that stubby tail is fascinating)! I am kinda tired after all that fun…sometimes I fall asleep in my food bowl!
Love and puppy kisses,
Hasbro (and Stacey)

Ty and Rocket this morning. We are loving this little guy. I’m amazed at how smart he is.

Hi there! I hope all is well in your world!
I wanted to give you an update on Sugar. This dog is so special. I don’t know if I’ve met a smarter, funnier dog that’s just full of character and spunk! I’ve got a collar on her full time now and we are doing leash training in the back yard little by little.
I attached some photos of the little Sugarbear for you. The video is of her sleeping and barking in her dream. So cute. There are also a few of her laying by the memorial magnolia tree of my late Pom Josie. That brought tears to my eyes!
I hope you guys enjoy them. She’s in good hands, health and spirit!

Hi Debi,
Just wanted to share this pic with you. That is your sweet little BB in the lower right corner. She is still enjoying life between Cape Cod Massachusetts and Florida. She is the perfect little traveler. I am grateful everyday that she came into our lives. The fact that she matched the new camper was not intentional but we feel it would make a great advertisement for Camp-Lite. LOL
Kathleen & BB

Good afternoon Debi,
I wanted to give you some updates regarding Jax (a.k.a. Pali). He is growing very well (3.5pounds), got 2 rounds of shots and has adapted to his new environment. He loves going to the park and has a new best friend that he loves to play with. We are still working on potty training. He is very happy and we try to make him as happy as he makes us 🙂 I can’t thank you enough for allowing us to be this little precious one’s parents. I hope you are well and that you are enjoying your new grand baby 🙂
Kathlyne & Jax

Hi Debi! Just wanted to let you know Major got home safe and we love him so much!! Such a sweetheart! He slept all night right by my face. Thank you for everything. I attached some pictures of me and him and him in the garden 🙂

Good afternoon Debi,
You were right Pali (to be named Jax) is adorable!!!! Here is a picture, we all got home safely and he is already so popular!!! I am sure I’ll have a few other questions later but I meant to ask you what kind of shampoo/brush you use for him?
Thank you again for everything!

We still haven’t picked her name but I’ve been calling her ” little bit” (aka Macy) for now. She is so adorable! I’m so in love with her!!! When I got home, half of the neighborhood’s kids came to see her! I’ll send some pics of her new home.
Thank you so much!

We, quite simply, cannot tell you who is having more fun, but we think its Blossom (adult pom just retired).
She was an angel on the ride home. Now, I did manage to give her a whole body massage during that drive so she was pretty supple when we arrived home.
We took all 3 out to the back porch for lots of smelling and “getting to know you” events. All went perfectly. Everyone had dinner – no issues there either. She has been an absolute angel all the way around. She is taking this time to have a major power nap by my hubby’s recliner; laying on the carpet. If you were to look across our living room right now, you would swear that the three of them had lived here for years and years.
She is amazingly sweet. I cried and cried on the way home because I felt my recent dog, Babe, had sent Blossum to look after me. The feeling was mutual. I promise to send pics and stories often. Thank you so much for having raised such an amazing dog.
Sharron & Rene

Dear Debi,
We just wanted to let you know that Dash is doing great. He is eating well and is very active. I take him out to go potty and he races around like he just had several cups of coffee. It is so hilarious! We are glad we named him “Dash” because that is exactly what he is doing. He is learning how to “sit” on command. He is so smart and just a little sponge when it comes to learning. He is still becoming used to new and strange sounds like leaf blower etc but doesn’t freak out but just whines a little and loves to be picked up and comforted. He is still very young after all and needs his reassurance after all but we are trying to expose him to as many new situations as we can. He listens so well to what is being said to him.
Debi, I want to thank you for the wonderful care you gave our little Dash (Rocco). He is truly a pleasure to have as a member of our family. Tomorrow is Christmas and I have made our family aware we have this precious little guy as a new member of our family are all so excited to meet him. I have told them so much about him and they can’t wait. We are blessed that everyone in our family is a dog lover and many if us have more than one dog. So we are very lucky to be in a dog-loving family.
Knowing you for the past 4 months and all the information you have shared with us and the care you have bestowed on each and every one of your puppies is wonderful to have breeders who care so much. We appreciate all the questions you ask of prospective owners which are so very important in finding the right owner for your precious and beloved puppies. It is something so many other breeders don’t bother to ask but we can tell that it is so very important to finding just the right owner. We did the same thing when we were breeding and showing. It is so very important to find the right fit with the right owner.
Christmas Blessings
Glenn and Mia

Hey, Debi – sorry for not keeping in touch, better. I will try to get Mallory to collect some pictures for you, but I just wanted to let you know your puppy has made herself at home and is happy and well adjusted. My Samoyed breeding mother, who isn’t a fan of Pomeranians, said she loved this one so much she would take her home and keep her.
You may not be able to tell from the picture, but she crawled onto the bed and curled up against me, here, and then promptly passed out. She’s incredibly affectionate and loves people. And she adores playing with our kitty cat, who sometimes thinks she’s too much to handle, but has decided to play along sometimes, now.

Hi Debi,
I just wanted to keep in touch. Merlin a.k.a. Nugget, just had his 4 month old check up at the Vet this morning. He weighed 5 pounds and the Vet said everything looked great! I can’t tell you how much he means to us. We love him so much, he is such a character!

Just wanted to let you know Gidget is doing great, we love her to the moon and back.

Hi Debi,
These are pictures of Merlin (aka-Nugget). We love him so much! He is 3 months old. He had a Vet Appointment on Monday, he weighed 3.4 pounds. He is doing great! I just wanted you to know how much he means to us! Thank you very much!

Hi Debi,
Just a quick note to let you know Lily(Star) is doing great! My friend the dog trainer came over today and she taught me a lot. We started clicker training her today. I had also ordered an
Avidog adventure box (google it.. It’s real neat) and she loves it! She spent 2 twenty five minute sessions in it and it exhausted her… Supposed to be good for mental stimulation and to help prevent a spooked dog.
I am more trained than her I think on potty training. We went to Target and Lowes today and she spent time in a tote.
Since she spent so more time in a carrier in Austin going out to lunch and shopping and of course the plane trip she is quite good in the carrier. We are just enjoying her so.

Hey Debi,
Just wanted to send you an updated photo of our parti girl:) Her coat is coming in beautifully, even though she has lost most of her black markings. Peter and I are in agreement that she is the best dog either of us have owned. She has her own fan club in our neighborhood, family, vet and strangers…so sweet and loving to all! She is also very agile, able to walk across room on hind legs:D
Thanks again, and have a wonderful day:D

Hi Debi,
We made it back to Dallas safe and sound, Rafa (Midas) did excellent. He cried for a few minutes and then began playing. He has adapted to us very nicely already, he comes to us when we let him outside and when he wants to be held when Eddie, our other dog, follows him around too much. Eddie took to him just fine, I think they’ll be friends. Rafa isn’t afraid to stand his ground. He’s very tired now so he’s resting up. We wanted to thank you for taking such good care of him and for giving us the opportunity to have him as a family member. He will be very loved and well taken care of! Working with you was a very professional experience! We will recommend you to anyone looking for a Pom. Thank you so much!

Hi Debi,
She (Libby) is safe and sound! She was such a good little girl on the car ride home. She and Ella’s dog Rocky have become instant friends. She was jumping and playing with him right away. She is even getting along with the cats. She was fine in her crate last night and we have only had 2 accidents. She doesn’t really like the idea of a leash yet. She loves her treats and a chew bone but not so much her food. I’m hoping it passes. I’ll keep you posted.

I think he is officially adjusted! He’s picked his home base and I just put a second bed there for him since he naps right at the foot of the couch when he is out during the day. Last night was the first night he did not cry for hours in his crate and settled quickly when he woke at 3:00. Today when I ran the vacuum he went to his bed in his crate until I was finished. He’s doing really great on potty training also, he seems to make the connection between my word “potty”. He is such a crazy little guy, so playful and friendly…we are so happy! Thank you so much!

Tinka is indeed a special pom and already serving as good watch dog. On drive back, little thing stood up in case, looking out window, positioned stance to get air conditioner blast and then found bag of food in case side pocket. After few nibbles and drink of water crawled into lap and slept most of way back. Woke up, crawled back in case and curled up until reached house. Very cautious and peacock scared her, but quickly took over front lawn and peed. Growled and couple of barks at cat to establish dominance….Toby cat patiently let Tink smell, jump on top of him, but is keeping close eye on new fur ball. Tinka has explored house, chewed on everything, ate and pooped…..hopefully night in crate will not be stressful. Realized Tinka is not replacement, but a new personality that has come into my life to be cared for.
Thank you

We are doing awesome! Gemma has settled in and thinks she is queen of the roost. She is running, playing, sleeping just like she should. Are you on facebook? If so friend Janna Tuggle Oliver and you can see the little clips of Gemma that Janna is putting up. And yes even a picture of Gemma and I taking a nap. Hey we play hard.
She is eating the food just fine. We are working pad and outside training, which you know it has some challenges, but Gemma likes the outside and she has taken to that just fine.
We ourselves enjoyed meeting you and your husband. We took her to Petco with us and your web site is going to get a bunch of hits because of Gemma. Lots of folks just loved her and
wanted to know where we got her and we shared your site freely as well as on facebook.As soon as I can get some pictures from Janna I’ll send them to you.

Pip’s doing great. She is doing perfect. She is so beautiful and tiny. She does her potty on the pads and doesn’t cry at all when she’s in her play pen.
We love her being part of our family.
Thank you Debi

Koko is till doing great, we have a kid recliner in our living room and he learned to jump up there(it is only as tall is he is standing up), my little Sydnie thinks she is a dog trainer, she used a sock he likes to play with to get him to do it, I was so cute because koko didn’t even know what he had done 😉 Husband told us that while we were feeding the horses and goats Sunday evening (the day he learned his new trick) that he jumped in the kid recliner (it was in closed position, not reclining) and sat there and looked around for a while and then jumped down. Sydnie was very excited to hear this!!!
Ever since they were little, they have wanted to play with our older dog, Cotton, but he grew up and got set in his ways before they did and he was never really playful with them. Koko is another story, he loves everyone in the family, it is so funny how he has different things he does with each one of us (except chew on our hands, he shares that with everyone, He he)
We have been watching the Westminster and I have a question that I have had for years and years. Why are the dogs in the show ring all the same color? Why don’t they have creams or chocolates or the merle’s????? I am thinking it is because of the breed standard and the different colors are at more local shows or something. We aren’t looking to show (I know koko would be the winner 😉 just like to watch it and always wondered.
I heard the man with the dog show on animal planet is coming to corpus, I think it is the one that has one of your dogs. I guess I should invite him for dinner since we are related now, he he!

Hello Debi!
We celebrated a one year anniversary with our new additions to the family. Butch (Jack and Bailey), and Bubbly (aka Hazel – Taz and Holly) adjusted to their new home within days and have trained us well over the year.
Butch and Bubbly live up to their names. Butch thinks he’s bigger than his actual size and struts around like a tough guy, but is a tender and sweet little man. Bubbly is effervescent and entertaining, she can be shy, but bursts in to bouts of crazy energy.
They have filled the holes left in our hearts from our past Pomeranians. If we had a bigger house, without a doubt we’d adopt a dozen more from you.
Attached are pics of then and now. Thank you so much!
Louis & Kathleen

Here is a photo of Gemma’s first long car ride. She’s taking it all in stride.
Love my fur baby!!!! Thank you so much!

Wanted to update you, little chocolate Koko is doing great, decided he did not like sleeping in his exercise pen at night. I was afraid he would play all night but he doesn’t, he sleeps right beside my bed. My youngest has had congestion and got me up to snuggle her while she falls back to sleep and he follows me in there and goes back to sleep. We have a routine of playing in the girls bed together right before bed while tucking them in, then go to our bdrm and do the same. After we are through playing and I put him down he doesn’t cry he just makes a bed and goes to sleep, usually on my robe 😉
Took him to vet for shots and I had my friend gave him his shots while I held him, he weighed 2 lbs on the cat scale (we put a paper towel down for him to stand on). Kind of like when I used to take my girls to the dr for a well check up, I hated them touching anything out of fear of picking up a germ.
It is so cute to watch him get used to the cat. The cat looks at him as if saying, “you are still here” ha!ha! and is doing a fine job tolerating Koko. When our lab goes and lays down in his bed, Koko runs over to snuggle and play and the lab gets up and walks away, probably so he doesn’t get attacked by the piranha teeth the puppy has. Everyone has adjusted and we love our little Koko puff!!!!
He has toys all over the place but still prefers my robe rope and fingers/hands J

Hey Debi,
Just wanted to give you a quick update on how Penee/Ariel is doing. She is perfectly awesome: eating, drinking, playing and quietly slept through the night! Oh and her waggy tail!!!!
Phoebee is just enchanted with her… motherly instincts evident as she cleans her and has even brought her toys! Grace not sure yet, sleep and food seem more important:)
All are napping after a very busy morning.
Thank you for the joy you brought into our world!

Hello dear friend.
Paisley Steel weighs 8 pounds, I am sure about 2 pounds of that is her beautiful coat.
She continues to fight to be the Alpha dog, and she does not back down to our oldest.
Neither one of our girls have the personality that Paisley does, she has to be in the middle of where the action is. She knows the word “kisses – kisses ” and runs to shower you, with a kiss, whenever she hears the words. Paisley has brought so much laughter to our home. Rick and I simple love her, with all our heart. Thank you for allowing us to own her.

Hi Debi,
I hope you and your family are doing well! I just wanted to check in and say that Bear has been such a joy and I am so so sooo happy, so thank you so much for everything! He is 5 months old and getting cuter every day! Everywhere we go, people fall in love with him. My mom said she feels like a proud grandma! And my boyfriend brags about Bear to anyone who will listen. My younger sister is in college in Alabama and she makes me send a picture every day. He is more than we ever could have dreamed of!
Thank you!
Blakely and Bear

Good morning from a frigid Eagle River at 0 degrees! The greetings are warm despite the temperatures. We do trust that all is well with you and yours, and especially that new little grand-baby! Congratulations on another lovely litter – just two this time, it is amazing when we think that Ziya had five!! We have named our puppy Cordelia from Anne of Green Gables. She is “Cordy” most of the time. She is settling nicely, and doing well. The vet was very happy with her and pleased with her overall. Thank you again for giving us such a gorgeous little girl, we love her dearly! She and the cat are becoming more familiar with one another, and will gradually learn to play together I am sure.
Warmest regards,

Hi Debi,
Our little Kevin (aka “Smudge”) will have his first year birthday on Saturday! He has been a delight and joy…a wonderful addition to our family. It took some time for his big brother to get used to having an annoying puppy biting on his ankles, but they have become fast friends. It really is a riot seeing our little pom playing “tug” with a 117 lb. giant…and the pom always wins due to sheer tenacity. I do have a question for you. How much longer should he be on the puppy formula? Thanks for sending the birth announcements. Although I’m not in the market for a puppy, it’s fun to keep up with your new arrivals.
Kindest regards,

He (Koko) is wonderful!!!!! Starting to loosen up, run around the house, Oh my gosh, he is awesome!!! We have tile so accidents aren’t a problem and my little one is responsible for clean up. She is my second child and somehow gets out of certain responsibilities but she is on top of things with Koko. She held him on the way home and they seem to have bonded, it is so cute. We have him in an exercise pen in the house with a puppy pad and a snuggle dog bed for nights and when we are away. My oldest daughter picked the bed out for him, said it was fluffy and he would like it, and he does. J
Last night, being a school, night we went to bed a little earlier and he cried a little. I went to get him and put him in bed with me as my husband was on his way home from out of town. He sniffed around and started digging (right in the middle of my husband’s side) as if he found a treasure and then just plopped down to go to sleep. I didn’t want him to fall asleep and then have to wake him when my husband got home so I pet him a little and talked to him, he got up and moved, dug another nest and plopped down. I started loving on him again and talking and he moved again, It was so funny!! He is happy, happy, happy!!! I will keep in touch and keep you updated.

Hi Debi!
Hope you had a great holiday season and wonderful new year! I just wanted to send you some pictures of Mochi and my cat! He is such a wonderful dog, I love him too much! I thought the photo of them snuggling together was too cute and had to share.
He has gotten so big and has the prettiest olive green eyes and rosy nose. People ask me all the time if he is some type of exotic pomeranian. Haha! 🙂
Happy New Year!

Hi Debi,
I don’t know if you remember us, but we bought a beautiful little chocolate girl (Cherokee, aka Porcia) from you and picked her up in late May. I just wanted to send you a picture, as she is growing into such a gorgeous little lady! We love her so much and her personality is so cute and sweet! She is very spunky and very loveable! She has even stolen our little Cowboy’s heart (our other PomPom), as they are inseparable! 😉 Thank you for such a wonderful little pet – we cherish her!
Have a wonderful holiday,
James & Tonja

Hi Debi!
Just wanted to give you an update on my little baby!
I named Rascal “Mochi”. He is adjusting very well and is a little firecracker of energy. He loves playing with my cat who is also a firecracker, they wrestle around on the floor and then sleep together, I’ll have to send you a video soon it’s too cute! last week I bought them matching winter sweaters so I thought I’d send you some pictures of him. I’m currently in the process of training him to play fetch and to shake hands, he is very smart but definitely lives up to his name of rascal haha!
Thanks again for everything!

Hi Debi,
I hope you are doing well. Here is a recent picture of me and Beemo (aka Ryker). He is so sweet, friendly and super smart. My daughter reminded us that it is Beemo’s one year anniversary with us so I wanted to say thanks again. I’ll send more pictures of him and Maestro as I get them. They are getting along well.
Warm Regards,

Hi Debi!!! Summer Dawn is doing great and my other Pom has welcomed her right in. She has been eating and drinking. She was in her crate last night and only cried once in the middle of the night. She went on her first car ride to drop my kids off to school. She didn’t like the car too much. Lol. Then we went to Petco and everyone loved her. We got her some toys, harness and treats. She is such a loving little girl. We are in love with her.
No name yet. We are still thinking about it. 🙂

Debi & Phil,
I want to thank you for this second chance. He is everything I hoped for. He is adjusting well. He has tired my Leo out. He slept from 10 to 4 and really had to poo. He went right back to bed. So loving and playful. He is adorable. I love the tip of his tail when it lays on his back.
Thanks to you both,

This is Milana. I purchased a puppy from you in 2009. She was named Clementine. I renamed her Nitsa. We exchanged several emails and pictures.
I wanted to reach out to you and tell you that I cannot be more grateful for that little dog. She is adorable and helped me through law school and the bar. She was really the only thing that kept me sane. Best study buddy ever.
However, I have other news for you too. Several years ago I uploaded a video to youtube of her running around when she was little and completely forgot about it. Recently I discovered that the video is getting very popular. Right now it has 185,000 views, which is kind of crazy. I decided to send you the video, I though you would get a kick out of it.
Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJPxHQeEoZ4
I hope you and your poms are doing great. Thank you again for such a lovely friend.

Hi Debi,
I wanted to give you another Maestro / Beemo update. They are getting along more now. Outside they will play and Beemo will initiate it which is cute. Inside though Beemo usually runs away from Maestro now because Maestro appears fearless and jumps on Beemo and chases him. Beemo seems more like his happy self in general. Today Beemo gave Maestro a nice lick on Maestro’s forehead.
Maestro is doing better with the potty training and will poop on newspaper in the pen (pen left with door open while we are home) but he will still poop in his crate sometimes. We’ve actually been good about noticing when he will have to go and he has gone outside much more often than in the house.
He also had a bath this weekend and he didn’t mind the water at all. He was very calm for the bath. He also doesn’t mind being brushed which is great too.
He follows me all around the house and he loves to be with his people. And he will sleep anywhere flopped on the tile floor or in front of an air conditioning vent if he comes in from outside.
He is a real sweet heart and I’m glad we have him,

“Nugget” is doing great. He is such a happy puppy. He slept most of the night and has been great about going outside to the bathroom. He ate a full meal this morning and was playing. I’m surprised how comfortable he is already. In usual pom style, he is already following me everywhere and wanting to be held.
Did he nap in the daytime? He is right now and I’m wondering if I need to keep him up so he sleeps tonight.
He will be spoiled rotten. I can’t wait for my kids to meet him. I’m sure he will love the extra playmates.
Thanks for making the business side of the deal easy.
Thanks again and I’ll send some photos.

Morning Debi ..
Bliss & Miko saying hello .. Hope you and yours are well 🙂 Have a awesome day!! Thank you again Debi. She brings such Joy to my life having her in it !!!
Bliss & Family

Good morning, Debi.
Paisley Steel is a blessing to our home. She loves to empty the toy box and play in the middle of them all. Thanks, again.

Well I am happy to say I have fallen in love with Magic even more today. We had a good ride home with no accidents, and so far no accidents inside. He didn’t really want to eat but I got him to eat a little by hand. He’s met all his big and little friend’s today and has gotten along well with them all. Here are some pictures from our day today!

Hello Debi,
Praline (our 7 year old ) and Paisley are best Friends. They play and play together. And as you can see from the picture, they even nap together. Paisley continues to be a blessing to our home.
Thank you.

Ellie is still adored…..she loves to guard the house and bark at people taking their walks in the morning! She still goes to work with Loyd every day. We just had her groomed with her short summer cut. Hope all is well with you and your fur babies!

Hi Debi,
Just thought I’d show you how handsome Rocky turned out to be. We are doing great and happy! Thanks again 🙂

Cherokee (aka Porcia) was a little doll the whole (long) ride home! 🙂 When we got home, because of the holiday weekend, my two sons and my daughter in-law were at the house and they instantly fell in love with her! Cowboy was another story, though. He was very standoff-ish and seemed annoyed by her. She was so cute, as she got up on her hind legs and jumped at his nose, but no matter how adorable she was, he would walk away. I’m sure he will get used to her and realize that she is here to stay. I had to laugh, because it totally reminded me of when I brought my second son home from the hospital and my two year old son totally ignored him! HaHa!
She whimpered and whined a little around 4am this morning, but that was it. Then she woke up around 7am. I was really proud of her, because we let Cowboy out to potty every morning around that time and she went outside with him, sniffed a little, then did a little ‘dance’ and pooped in the backyard! 🙂 I gave her a little bite of the peanut butter bones you made her and James and I clapped for her and made a really big deal about it, so hopefully she will potty-train fairly quickly. Cowboy is being a great ‘teacher’ to her in this area, even though he acts like she’s not alive! 🙂 She’s so funny – she won’t eat out of her doggie dish, she wants his food AND his water. She also wouldn’t play with the ‘baby’ I bought her, instead she wants his ‘froggie’ (we call it) AND his bone – even though I bought her a really tiny one, she still chews on his! 🙂
We are so in love with her – she has a beautiful little personality! It was so nice to meet you and your husband! Thanks so much for giving us such a sweet little baby girl!

Hi Debi,
I wanted to let you know how much we’re enjoying our little Kevin (Smudge). He’s very playful, loving, feisty and our Larry is starting to accept him. They play chase and even started snuggling a bit. Kevin is eating well and growing nicely. Thanks for our wonderful little dog!!

So much fun! She already understands go get your toy, jump, her name, come and others. She’s so smart! In potty training she seems to get that praise follows a deed and she knows get back in the box when nothing happens. She has three types of houses, large, medium and foam cat house and she always goes to the one where the toys are.
Just an update.

Hi Debi,
I am embarrassed at how long it has been since I have sent pictures of August (aka Buster) — as you can see, he has an amazing coat and the face of an angel : ). We love him to pieces! He will be 3 this June – how time flies.
I keep up with your blog and love seeing all the new babies. I just cried for poor Blossom, and and am happy you were able to step in when Summer delivered — hope all is well in the nursery!
I was wondering if you could send a photo of Baylee (she is August’s mom)? I guess she is retired now, and I love to show friends what his parents look like. I still remember her putting her paw in my hand when we came to pick our baby and will always have a special place in my heart for her : )
Hope you are enjoying Spring now that it is finally here!
My best,
Stacy Hollowell

Bentley(previously Thunder) went to vet and had first puppy shot. Vet also said he is flawless. He is doing good and adapting very quickly! If you ever need a reference feel free to pass my email along! Thanks Again!

Good morning Debi, Steele did great sleeping thru Friday night and he is very smart to be so little. When it’s time for nap/quiet time he goes in his crate & goes right to sleep, he also will whine when he needs to go to the bathroom so I’ve been taking him to his playpen. After he does his business we allow him to just stay in the kitchen which he loves so we can bond/play together along with getting my chores done. He is finding strategies on how to slip thru but we usually catch him. we’re really surprised to see how well he learns. Thank so much, my family is now complete…

Debi, Betty has already learned that no matter what she’s doing, when I say “Betty” she’s to look at me. She made a game out of it at first and would shift her eyes waiting on me to say Betty so she could get the hugs! Smart girl! Soon after we played hard on the lawn with female dobie and within 30 mins she learned to come right away. She met many of the neighborhood dogs with complete confidence. Lots of humans saw us in the yard and thought she is precious. Local watercolorist and friend has already photographed her. Female dobie is a bit confused but they had instant OK ness. Dobie didn’t get why Betty wouldn’t chase her. Walker is a satisfied man! I’m eying one of the girls. Thank you!

Six babies… Wow. “Dean” now, “Button”, is doing great. Now 5 years old. Thanks for being such a great breeder.

Hi Debi, I thought you might enjoy a pic of Fancy (Tulia) and Lola. We LOVE her so much and she is doing awesome. She fits right in with our family and all that we do. Hope all is well with you.
Robyn 🙂

Debi, Thank you for the grooming tip. Here’s two pics of our little guy, one when he was younger and a more recent photo. We love that adorable little face! He weighs 6 1/4 lbs. He really seems to look like his father in his coloring and thick fur. He is really sweet and very smart. We took him to training for 8 weeks and he learned everything quickly. He is just a happy little guy who loves people and gentle dogs and we adore him! Best,

Hi Debi,
Here are a few recent photos of Edie. She is very sweet and entertaining!
I enjoy seeing all the birth announcements of your Poms. Hope things are going well.

Hi Debi- Dickens is doing just wonderful. He has gotten used to his play pen and is pretty much potty trained already! He always lets me know when he needs to go outside. 🙂 When I take the girls to school in the mornings, he enjoys riding on my shoulder and falling asleep. Lol! He’s so funny! Thank you for such a wonderful little guy! Talk to you soon! 🙂

Hi Debi! Fancy is doing great. She was exhausted by the time we got home and crawled into her bed and took a nap. She was eating and drinking by the evening and going outside to the bathroom. She did great until 3:30 a.m. then took her out to pee. Whined for awhile in crate and back to sleep. Today has been great too. Whined in her crate when I had to leave to do a few errands but back in 2 hours and have played outside. Everyone is in love!! Thank u so much again.

Hi Debi! I just thought you would like to know how little Rocky is doing. He is a very happy and healthy puppy who is incredibly spoiled by his mama 🙂 We are also in the middle of puppy schooling and he is already ahead in class! Man, he is so smart. And as he is maturing his rambunctious little personality really comes out. He is very much loved and adored and we couldn’t be happier. I am looking in the near future to get him a little sister and playmate to complete the family, so you may be hearing from me again soon! Thank you again.

Debi, Look how pretty Miko is !!! And a very smart girl .. Loves to play fetch & eat … & cuddle of course .. Any how ..just wanted to share

Debi, Have been thinking of you and your pups! I LOVE my dog. I do not know what I would have done without Bhakti. Best wishes to you family.

Hi Debi- It was so great to visit with you yesterday. And I really must thank you for such a beautiful, sweet baby boy! He is everything I had ever dreamed of in a Pom puppy, and I couldn’t be happier! My kids adore him and I even caught my husband playing with him too! Lol! He has settled right in and is such a happy boy! I love that he is content to sit quietly in my lap and I’m so happy that he seems to enjoy being brushed! 🙂 He is perfect in every way. Thank you so much!!

Annabel is doing GREAT! The kids love her and she has just fit herself right into the family. She is so playful!! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!!

Hi Debi, We just wanted to update you on our (Penn) Rocky’s 2nd day with us, and to let you know that he is adjusting very well to his new home. He is such a happy, playful little guy and so smart. He is already catching on to house training and he feels comfortable enough to explore more and more each day. He also finds his food and water in the kitchen on his own now. He has such a sweet disposition and he just keeps getting cuter each day ~ we are so in love with this little guy! The attached photo shows how he has discovered that if he takes his toys out of the basket it is lots of fun to climb in! He is a wonderful addition to our family. Best, Carol &

Hi Debi, I wanted to update you on how Beemo (aka Ryker) is doing. We are enjoying him very much. He is friendly and loving and a great dog. He has a laid back personality which is great. He is playful too and enjoys many different activities and toys. He has been to the vet a few times for shots and done really well. At 12.5 weeks he was 2.3 pounds. Just adorable. He is a real sweetheart and we love him. I really see the quality in his breeding and upbringing so thank you for that. He sits and studies situations often. Such as neighbors doing yard work or people on bicycles or joggers etc. He is learning a few commands and is mostly there with potty training. He enjoys his crate when its time to sleep and never cries at night even from the beginning which made things pleasant. He has had all positive experiences in meeting other dogs and people. I’ll attach a few pictures for your viewing.

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