New goals for a New Year

So these last couple of years have been pretty crazy for us here….no doubt you can relate….the phrase my husband and I have recited the most this past year is “that is so weird!”….everything is truly weird….no other way to describe it. Since 2019 I have survived breast cancer, the premature loss of my younger brother, moving in with my parents to help them and enjoy them as they finish their incredible journey through this life, and then….COVID! My husband and I have both had Covid twice and we are guessing we may get it again since we have 12 grandchildren who visit us frequently whom we adore and love to kiss on. :). Welcome to 2022….we were hoping for a less dramatic year, but now we have just found out that my husband has a valve in his heart that is not working properly, soooooo we are now looking at open heart surgery for him in February….just letting you know ahead of time I might be out of pocket for a week or so during that time and hard to reach…. On a lighter and happier note, we are extremely excited about our new babies to be born in 2022. So many people have had a new sweet little pom join their family in the last year or so and in this crazy social climate we live in at the moment, what a fountain of joy they bring! I have missed writing on my blog and staying connected to my “people” and hope that this will be the start of a new habit of writing more often. I wish you all the happiest of New Years and hope you are looking forward with anticipation for this to be a great year. We could all use a dose of love and kindness and especially affection…..sending hugs from our home to yours….

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