January 4, 2008
Wow! I haven’t written 2008 too many times before….the years seem to be flying by!
I hope everyone had a great holiday and made lots of New Year’s Resolutions. Mine seem to be the same every year!
Our sweet Leila is as big as a house and about to pop. She is not due until next week, but I’m not sure she’ll make it that long!
Her temp has not dropped yet, but she is showing all of the pre-labor signs like rooting, panting, etc. She will not leave my side, which always lets me know she is close. I will keep you all posted as soon as they arrive. I have had so many inquiries on this litter. Please be sure to email me and let me know if you want me to send out photos and updates when our new litters arrive this year. If you are looking for a specific pom, please remember that I always allow those who have sent in a deposit the first choice of the litter and on a first-come basis after that.
We are expecting to have a beautiful litter of sables from Emma in February (due on Valentines Day!) and I will keep you posted on her litter as well.

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