January 9, 2008
Right on time! Leila gave birth this morning to SIX absolutely gorgeous little babies. She has 4 (3 girls and 1 boy) magnificent white/cream babies, 1 solid chocolate little boy, and a stunning little chocolate merle baby girl. What a surprise! Last litter she gave birth to one white, one black, and two wolf sables. We were expecting a similar litter this time, but wow were we surprised! This is one of the reasons I love pomeranians….you never really know what to expect!
They are all strong and healthy and vigorously nursing, but we have to watch carefully and make sure Leila has enough milk to feed this many…this is quite a large litter for her so we are keeping a close eye on them. We will post pictures in a few days…I like to leave Mom and the babies alone as much as possible the first few days while they bond and rest from the birth. Mom did fantastic and is guarding her little babies like a very special treasure.

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