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We will only ship our Pomeranians within the United States, and at the buyer’s expense. Shipping fees are $375.00 and cover the Pomeranian’s flight, animal crate, Veterinarian’s health check and the air carrier required Veterinarian’s Certified Health Certificate.

We will only ship to a major airport. We very strongly prefer using Continental Airlines(now United after they have merged) because of their reputable, reliable and award-winning services. They are the only airline carrier that has a dedicated pet shipping department that comes under their premium business services, vet facilities at their major hubs, and uses climate-controlled vehicles to transport our Pomeranian puppies to and from the flight line. Because of this, they are the only carrier that can ship animals when outside temperatures are not optimal. However, not all aircraft are equipped to carry pets, so we have to verify each shipment. We reserve the right to delay shipping because of weather or temperature extremes.

We will research all the shipping options and communicate with the buyer before finalizing the arrangements. The shipping fee is added to the original cost of the Pomeranian puppy and both need to be paid in full before we can ship. We accept US Postal money orders, VISA/MasterCard only through PayPal, Western Union and bank wire transfers. There will be a 3% surcharge added to the balance when using PayPal to reimburse us for the merchant account processing fees that they charge us. All forms of payment have to clear our bank 48 hours prior to the shipping date. We DO NOT ACCEPT personal checks for final payment.

Our goal is to make shipping arrangements that provide the most comfortable accommodations, the shortest travel time and/or the least number of connections in order to minimize any discomfort to our Pomeranian puppies. Even though the pups are traveling in a pressurized and climate controlled compartment with food and water in their crate, the strange sounds, movements and environment can stress them out. Be sure to have a towel, wet wipes, patience and a gentle spirit on hand to welcome your Pomeranian puppy to its new town.
We have had 100% success with shipping our puppies so far and never encountered a major problem. After a few minutes to adjust, they are reportedly licking and kissing and happy to be in some one’s arms.

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