Honey’s babies are here!

Honey had two lovely little babies on Friday, January 21st. She was actually a day late, but the babies are nice and healthy and we are so excited to have them. This was Honey’s first litter and she did awesome….she is a trooper! First baby was breach and she had a longer labor because of it, but we made it through together! She is such a great mom….instantly. It never ceases to amaze me how the new moms know exactly what to do…..tearing the sack perfectly….biting the cord at exactly the appropriate place to ensure the puppy doesn’t bleed out…..licking them incessantly at all the appropriate places to ensure good blood flow and bowels….so much! How can they know all that? Birth truly is a miracle and experiencing it first hand…..well, let’s just say I never tire of it. Of course, when there are problems, and they do happen, well that’s another chapter in itself.

I will be posting a litter photo of Honey’s babies later today on the “available” puppies page….she had a gorgeous cream boy and and a white girl….both are stunning.

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