August 14, 2013

I think this may be the prettiest bunch of babies we have ever had! So many of our girls came into season around the same time, so we have lots of little babies right now and they are just scrumptious! I want to keep every single one of them and my husband is having to reign me in! LOL
Seriously, I can’t remember a more beautiful grouping of puppies….all the moms are doing so well and it is so much fun to see how they love and adore their babies….and so instinctual….it just always amazes me to watch my babies as they mature into full grown poms and when their first litter arrives there is an instant transformation into “mama mode”. Just minutes before the only thing that could really get them going was a nice piece of roast or chicken, but suddenly…..nothing in the world exists but these babies and they are SO protective and nurturing. Watching them clean them up, break the cord, make sure that they are going “potty”, and licking them constantly to keep them moist and warm… truly is a miracle….how can they know what to do???? Amazing.
Well, obviously we are super busy right now and will be for the next several weeks. This is a great time to pick out a puppy…so many to choose from and really a perfect time of year, just as things start settling in for the Fall.
Hope all is well in your world…..

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