Well, Topaz and her babies are doing great and I think I am beginning to join the human race again after a week of almost sleepless nights… has been an incredible week with the anticipation of Topaz’s litter. She went a little past her due date, which is not all that unusual, but she started showing signs of imminent labor the week before! So, we were certain almost every night this past week that she was going into labor and then she would settle in and calm down after we had already missed half the night’s sleep! :()
Needless to say, we are SO relieved that the babies have arrived and all are doing great….they have already gained weight (which is really great because it is typical for them to lose weight the first 24 hours or so while waiting for the milk to come in).
Topaz is an awesome mom and we are so proud of her. I am always just so amazed that these Mamas can act so clueless during labor and be looking at you with those great big eyes, as if saying,”What is happening to me and can’t you do something about it?!” and then the minute the babies are born they go into some kind of hyper mode and know EXACTLY what to do! They chew/cut the cord at just the right place and clean them up and have them looking so spiffy in such a short time. Life and birth truly are such miracles and I never grow tired of the experience.

We were surprised at the lack of variation in Topaz’s litter, but nevertheless, they are all going to be beautiful. She carries in her line the “winningest” black pom in the history of the breed, Finch’s Champion, “He Walks On Water”. We are hoping these black pups will exhibit some of their great heritage.

The one merle in the litter is stunning and we have never had a blue merle with a white blaze! So interesting and different. He is going to be a knock out and we can’t wait to see his coat develop in the next few weeks.
Here are the stats on the litter:

#1 Black male 5 oz
#2 Black male 4 5/8 oz
#3 Blue merle 4 5/8 oz
#4 Black Female 3 1/8 oz

I hope you are all enjoying the wonderful Spring weather and please keep checking back….we have two more litters due next week! (And we are still hoping for some girls! :[] )

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