March 4, 2009
Well, Leila surprised us today by going into labor a few days early. It was a story book delivery and she now has 4 gorgeous girls and 2 boys. Finally we got some girls! “grin” She was as big as a house and now we know why! Six! Wow! The girls are: #1 blue merle, #2 beaver/cream #3 black w/white markings and #4 blue merle. The boys are: #1 black w/white markings, and #2 blue merle. Birthweights were all between 4 1/8 and 5 1/2 oz. I hope to have pictures posted soon. She is such a great mom and both mom and babies are resting and doing great. It has been an exciting day and I am so thankful, as always, to know everyone is safely here and doing well.

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