September 10, 2013
Okay….I have had soooo many inquiries about this that I am finally posting….
Yes…it is true….our darling little boy from one of our litters this summer, little “Benson” is now a member of Cesar Millan’s new pack! We are thrilled that he is getting to be with one of the greatest trainers in the U.S.!
You can follow him on these sites:
Or you can just google “BensonMillan”…there are some cute youtube videos that Cesar has posted.

We have had an incredible summer with some of the cutest and most adorable poms we have ever had….LOTS of work, but really a lot of fun too.
Most of our current babies have found homes, but we still have a few left waiting to see where their forever home will be. Once these are adopted I will be looking forward to some late October babies that may be ready to go right around Christmas time. I will be posting the new expecting litters soon….as soon as I am relatively sure that the breedings “took”.

We are greatly anticipating the first “cool” front this next week here in Texas….hope everyone is getting back on track for the new school year and had a fabulous summer!

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