October 8, 2013
There is nothing more beautiful than a Texas Autumn. If you have never endured a Texas Summer, you won’t know what I am talking about….but trust me….it is gruelling! Those last few days in August and September always tempt me to be living someplace else…suffocating and how many 100+ days of heat can you endure?! But just when your body cannot take another single moment of that oppressive heat, suddenly there is a slight breeze in the air that feels like someone just turned on the air conditioner…ahhhhhh….so nice!
We don’t always have the magnificent color display of the leaves like so many of you do in other parts of the country, but you just can’t compete with our sunsets….like a Texas bonfire in the sky….incredible.
One of the few positive things about the fire that devasted our area 2 years ago is that now we no longer have trees blocking our view of the sunsets. Our swing (my favorite place to be in the evening) that hangs from our big oak tree just happened to be facing the perfect direction to see the sunset every night and we never even got to enjoy them until the trees were taken from us by the fire. Not to say I wouldn’t rather have my trees….but there is always something beautiful that emerges when things are taken away…in our case, it just happenes to be these incredulous sunsets.
As we sit out there in the evening, our pups seem to know the drill….they get lazy and roll in the grass and they seem to be winding down just as we are as we watch the sky light up and the sun go down. I love watching them….they seem to love each other so much and really enjoy each others company.
Well enough of my rambling….it is almost time for the sunset!
Our PG mamas are all doing well and starting to get fat!!
Just three weeks until the first litter should be born….oh dear…so much to do before then! LOL
Hope you are having a wonderful week!

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