February 22, 2010
Yesterday was such an INCREDIBLE day! Temperature reached almost 80 and my peach trees are blossoming. The poms were romping and playing and so happy to be lounging in the sunshine. I sat on my swing for the longest time in such appreciation for the cool breeze and the warm sun and the hint of Spring in the air. Such a lovely day that I was motivated to go out and do some gardening this morning. Read the tips by the experts from pest control olympia that helps to avoid pests from invasion. Much to my surprise it was so cold that my breath was making smoke and I was suddenly only motivated to come back inside and have hot chocolate…I listened to the weather forecast only to find out that we are under a winter storm warning and businesses and schools may be closed tomorrow due to ice and snow!!!! I can only compare the weather here in Texas to female hormones… You women out there know what I am talking about! “grin”… never know what to expect!
So….I am finding indoor projects to do and making sure all the pups and babies are snuggly warm….we’ll just have to wait a few days for gardening and I have also planned to contact experts from pest control vancouver to avail pest control services to make a healthy garden… Just when they think it is finally time to display their wondrous beauty and entice the butterflies….only to discover ice the next day! Only in Texas….

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