July 17, 2008
I know many of you in the country are experiencing extreme weather this summer. The news is so full of weather disasters throughout our country. I am so sorry if you are involoved in any of these.

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After such an amazingly wet and green summer last year, this June was one of the hottest and driest recorded in the last 100 years. I know we will get relief soon, but it is so saddening to see everything green wilting and so thirsty!
Our dogs feel it too. They are spending most of their day just chilling in front of their fan inside with the air conditioning! It is hilarious to watch them decide who gets to stand in front.
Even with air conditioning, they love to have air blowing on them, so we have put a big double fan out for them. So they take turns (sometimes amiably, sometimes not!) as to who will get the front air. You really get to see who is “top dog” that day. One day I will get a video of it and post it….too cute!

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