Puppies and Toddlers

April 20, 2007
Having raised four children, it is interesting to me how similar the stages of life are. We have puppies in the infant stage, toddler stage, and I would even venture to say the infamous “teen stage”! LOL Seriously, the little toddler stage is so cute and their personalities are starting to come out. The ones with more dominant personalities are asserting themselves and the others either give it right back or shy away. If they shy away that makes them an immediate target! Well, they will get their revenge at a later moment when it is least expected! I love to watch them at this age. Our little “Moonlight” is available again because his first contract fell through due to a change in circumstances. He is such a beautiful little pom and he will be a very precious companion for someone or even a perfect stud for a small breeding program with the colors he has behind him. Rarely do the most beautiful ones in the litter also have the sweetest temperament, but he truly has it all. See available page for more pictures of him.

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