November 30, 2007
Well, our last little girl from our current litters will soon be in her new forever home. These little precious creatures are so full of life and vigor and are such little bundles of love. They are always so happy to see you and always want so badly to be picked up and held…how can you resist?! It is always hard to see them go, but we have been very blessed with the wonderful people who have chosen to adopt our precious little furballs.
There is a big commitment associated with the adoption of a new puppy. It is much like bringing a newborn baby into your family. They need lots of attention, supervision and training for the first few months. But, to the degree that you are consistent and loving in your training, they will bless you a hundred fold with a lifetime of unconditional love and companionship. Poms are notorious for their love of people and other animals and their desire to be completely tuned in to your every whim. They are very playful and implish little creatures, but their heaven on earth is to be cuddled up in your lap or as tightly next to you as they can squeeze. How can you have just one?!….

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