June 6, 2008
Well, summer is officially here and hot as blazes in Texas. I can’t imagine 3 more months of this heat but somehow we get through every year! I am so grateful for air conditioning!
All of our little guys from Missy’s litter have found their forever homes and we are left with Ellie’s three cutie pies. (Only two currently available).
These three pups are some of the cutest we have had and are exceeding our expectations of this breeding. Please see available page for latest updates.
We are expecting Heidi’s litter in just a couple of weeks and we are getting more excited each day. She is busting at the seams and really slowing down in this heat. She likes to “hang out” close to me in the air conditioning and I can so relate! This is a first time breeding with this pair so we are looking forward with great anticipation to this birth.
We have several other breedings planned for this year, so be sure to keep checking back if you are looking for a lifetime of unconditional love and companionship from one of the sweetest animals alive!
Hope you are enjoying some wonderful things this summer!

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