I hope all of you have wonderful plans with friends or family coming up for this weekend. If not, at least have a hot dog and some watermelon!
I have just returned from vacationing with family, so I am a little behind on my website updates. I hope to have it completely updated soon.
We still have two beautiful puppies available from Ellie’s litter. Check our available page for updated pictures. This litter has produced some of the nicest pups we have ever had and we are so pleased with both their beauty and their extremely sweet personalities. It will be hard to see them go!
Our sweet blue girl, Heidi, gave birth on June 19th to a gorgeous litter of 5 pups sired by Taz. We have one adorable little sable girl with a black mask and black legs and one absolutely gorgeous champagne colored boy. The other three boys are almost completely white at this point and will probably look a lot like their dad…beautiful! They are all very healthy and strong and I hope to have pictures posted soon.
Our tiny little girl, Gwen is due any day now, so keep checking back for updates. As always, please feel free to call if you have any questions about any of our litters.
Enjoy the weekend!

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