August 26, 2007
School is starting this week which signals the end of summer for most people. Here in Texas it is still blazing hot and we are longing for the first cool breeze of Autumn. The rains this year have made everything incredibly beautiful and lush…a delight to see at a time when normally dry, brown sticks would be the menu for our eyes. Our puppies feel it as well. They are content to come in to their little air conditioned home much sooner and take long naps in the nice cool air. The heat zaps their energy as much as mine and except for early morning and late evening, they are experiencing the last lazy days of summer.
Duke will be leaving for his new home in Vermont on Monday and we are all very jealous of him….we wish we were going too! LOL He will have quite a change in his environment, but he is ready! He has one of the fullest coats I have ever seen on a puppy…he must have known he was going to Vermont! We will miss him terribly, but hopefully we will continue to receive pictures as he matures. What a sweetheart.
Nutmeg left for Oklahoma yesterday and we will miss that little cuddlebug….he loves everyone…even the puppies will miss him!
We are so thankful he found his home and will be loved forever.
We only have three babies left and they are anxiously waiting to see who they will get to go home with. They are SO playful and full of energy….everything is new all the time! Even watching them makes you tired! LOL
If you are looking for a special companion, full of life, and ready to love…check out our available page. They are all just precious…it is hard to capture their personality and their sweet temperaments with a camera, but they are as fun and sweet as they are beautiful. Pomeranians truly are a special breed.

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