August 21, 2007

At some unidentifiable point in childhood, children gain a mind of their own and cease to be compliant little bodies to snuggle with and play…they wake up one day and decide, no! today is about me! LOL Well, puppies are much the same….it is so interesting to watch as they suddenly realize there is more to life than their secure little area…there is a whole big world out there and they want to explore! This becomes a challenge! LOL
At the same time we begin to realize that this time also signals the point that they are ready for their new family and home. This is bittersweet. Daisy has already left for her new home and reportedly doing great! The others will be close behind. Some are still hoping their new family will find them soon….if you are looking for lots of love and a companion for life, you will find it in a new puppy….. with so much energy and passion for discovery! Warning: You may need a few extra energy bars to keep up! LOL

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