May 25, 2008
Wishing you all blessings on Memorial Day as we remember and reflect upon all those who have given of their time, talents and even their lives to enable all of us to enjoy the freedoms we share in America. One of our sons is amongst those currently serving and we are so grateful for his willingness and desire to serve this country and protect everything we love here.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend of fun, family, friends and relaxation…
It is hard to “relax” around here with four VERY active little puppies wanting to explore everything new all of the time. Missy’s puppies will be 8 weeks old this week and getting very close to joining their new families. This is the stage we call the “teen” stage…..we love ’em to death, but give a big sigh of gratitude when they are sleeping! We hate to see them go, but at the same time we are grateful that each of them will have individual “people” time with their new families to enjoy some of that energy! “grin”
Seriously, they are all so adorable and they are starting to bond with us and that makes it so difficult to part with them. They like to follow you around and get right under your feet. When I stop, they stop. When I go, they go….It is so cute. We are so grateful for the families who have chosen to adopt them and that makes us feel good. We have three more little ones coming up who will just be 5 weeks old on Tuesday, so we are getting ready for another round!
Have a great weekend!

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