July 18, 2008
Our beautiful little Bella is getting extremely fat! She is in the “waddling” stage now and really slowing down. She spreads her body out on the tile floor like a fan, to have as much of her belly as she can, exposed to the coolness of the floor. Oh how I remember those long summer days being pregnant and hot!
She is the queen right now though, pampered beyond reason. She is so spoiled….but that’s ok because once her babies come, she does such a great job and works so hard. I’m glad she is enjoying some sleep and lots of rest right now. She still has about 10 or 12 days to go and we are getting super excited.
Keep checking back for updates. We already have one deposit for a female on this litter, but she usually has three or four and we are hoping for girls! We have had quite a run of males lately so we are due some girls.
Hope your weekend is wonderful…..

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