March 26, 2008
Our sweet little Missy is getting bigger and fatter by the day…she only has about 10 more days to go and so she is moving slowly these days. If you have had a baby you can relate! She is getting moodier as well which is very typical for this stage. We will start taking her temp on Sunday which will hopefully tell us when she gets close. Her temperature will drop about 1 whole degree when she gets within 12 – 24 hours of delivery. I always get so excited with anticipation when my mama’s get this close….I also get a little nervous knowing what they will have to go through and knowing there is always a chance for problems to arise. This is her third pregnancy and she has come through with flying colors each time, so I don’t anticipate any problems, but I’m always so relieved when the babies are all here safe and sound. I will post updates as often as I can….I know some of you are getting as excited as I am!

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