September 11,
Wow, it seems strange that today of all days…9/11, that we would be preparing for another big disaster in our country. We have family in Houston and some have evacuated and others are preparing to stay. We are praying for the safety of all those in the Houston/Galveston vicinity.
We are supposed to experience some heavy rains and high winds here too, so we are taking every precaution.
Our poms and puppies are oblivious….every day is play day for them, so they are just enjoying a few sprinkles and some nice cool breeze today. I wonder if they will be frightened by the winds tomorrow….it might be a long night!
Dash will be leaving us tomorrow (if the weather cooperates) and Dodge will be leaving us next week. I think I get as attached as they do and I will miss them terribly, but they are going to wonderful homes in Pennslyvania and New York and I am thrilled that they will have so much care and attention. They are special boys and so sweet.
I hope you all have a great weekend and take a moment to pause and reflect on this day that threw us into a new type of world seven years ago today.

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