February 25, 2010
The real truth about pom pups is that they just aren’t too terribly cute when they are born, but that makes the transformation they go through in the first few weeks even more amazing! All of the new babies have their eyes open now and they are finally starting to look more like a puppy….still no real personality yet and the only motivation for moving is “rooting” for milk….it is so funny to watch them nurse….as soon as they have gotten some from one place they scramble to the next available nipple and everyone makes the big “switch”. This goes on several times until everyone has had a taste from each nipple! Hilarious…so afraid someone else is going to get something different or more than me! Somehow they all manage to get plenty and they roll around with the biggest, roundest little bellies…I don’t know how they even stay upright.
So cool too to watch the moms “nuture” and care for their babies. They are constantly keeping them so clean and making sure everyone is happy and warm. They are so proud of their “brood” and quick to make sure any wandering pom knows not to get too close….views from a distance only. I love this time when the moms are doing such a good job….in a few weeks I will be doing their job and that’s a lot of work! “grin” But totally worth it…. When they start responding to your voice and wagging their tail and being so happy to see you, well, you just gotta love ’em!

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