March 11, 2010
Our Spring babies are beginning to “come to life” and are getting so playful and cute. They will change SO much in the next few weeks. Coats are filling out and they are becoming very “puppylike”. I love this age when they begin to respond to your voice and any noise that might indicate that you are near. Personalities are beginning to emerge and suddenly you are aware of who is “top dog” and first to the goodies. They are just getting cuter by the day and only a few weeks away from being ready for their forever homes.
This beautiful Spring weather has everyone frisky and ready for playing and tackling….so fun to watch….I could sit and be entertained for hours….oh how I wish! Puppies are adorable, but lots of work at this stage! Mom is getting ready to have them on their own and that means I get to step in and clean up for them now! “grin”
If they weren’t so irresistibly cute, I might mind…but I’m a softie for cuteness.
Enjoy a beautiful weekend…

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