October 2, 2011
We are home! We are back home and so glad to be getting back to some normalcy. It has been exactly 28 days since we fled the wildfires in Bastrop. Over 1600 homes were destroyed, and although our home was spared, the fire ravaged through our area and so much was destroyed.
We are beginning the process of cleaning up over 1000 trees on just our property lost to the fire and getting fences back up for our pups.
They all seem to be glad to be home as well, even though a faint scent of smoke is still in the air.
We have three litters of the cutest pups ever who are getting big now and will be ready for new homes soon! I am SO behind on updating my site, but I am dedicated to working on that this week. We also have a brand new litter of five very adorable little cuties whom I will also try to post sometime this week. I hope to have new pictures of all of our babies up by the end of the week!
Thanks again to so many of you who have kept up with us and sent us encouraging emails or notes. You will never know how much I appreciate it….it truly kept our spirits up.

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