October 17, 2011
It has been such a different and unusual year…..first the heat, then the drought, and then the fire!
But this week (tomorrow actually) we may have our first taste of Fall!
I know….those of you up east and even northwest think I’m crazy, but I felt a coolness in the air tonight that just gave me chills (no pun intented!) LOL I was so excited to feel that change in air…..it reminds me that seasons pass and I am glad to have this last one beind us.
All of our pups feel it too……they are suddenly very frisky and so happy too that there is that coolness in the air. They seem to have so much energy and new vigor. Everyone, even the lazy ones, are running and playing. I love to watch them.
Our litle Fall babies are getting irresistibly cute…..so huggable.
They are beginning to know and respond to my voice and they get so excited when I walk by them. They beg to be picked up and of course, since they are irresistible and I am a softee, they get picked up nearly every time.
Some will be going home this next week and some are just getting old enough to be going home. We still have some adorable little guys who will make the sweetest companions.
We have a couple of new litters as well and I am still behind on everything, but I will be posting them soon as well.
Hope you are all enjoying some taste of Fall….it is such a beautiful season……

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