October 11, 2010
The birth of BB’s litter marked the last of the litters that will be born this Fall that will have pups ready to go before Christmas. Most of the new babies will be ready for their new homes sometime between Thanksgiving and mid-December. We are so pleased with all of our new babies and so excited that everyone did well and all the pups are thriving. So many things can go wrong during the birth process with the toy breeds, but we have been very blessed with a wonderful group of pups and moms are doing great.
I will try to keep pictures updated weekly as I can, but if you have an interest in a particular pup, just let me know and I will send some updated pictures if I am behind on the website.
I have had several of you send me pictures of your pups in costume. I love them! I love to get updated pictures of my babies and especially fun ones. Keep them coming! 🙂

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