November 1, 2009
Wow, I cannot believe I am writing November! This year has flown….
All of our puppies from our most recent litters have found their forever homes and we are so happy about the prospective new families! They are all going to be so loved and cared for. It would be impossible for me to continue doing this if I didn’t meet such great people and know what fabulous homes my pups are going to. It also brings me such joy knowing what a precious breed pomeranians are and how much love they bring to so many families.
Just as some of our pups are leaving, we are delighted with all of our new babies. Jazzy and her new litter are doing great and we have already had so much interest in them! Two of them have already been spoken for. These pups are going to be so cute and absolutely have to be sweet as both parents have amazingly sweet temperaments, especially Jazzy….one of the sweetest and gentlest poms we have ever owned.
We are having the most incredible weather…I hope you are as well. Fall is one of my most favorite times of the year….so many beautiful colors and such crisp cool air…(I know, I know, compared to up East we have NOTHING, but hey, we have to do the best with what we have! I actually spotted some yellow leaves this week! For Texas, that is pretty spectacular because we usually just go from green to gone! LOL) We do have color in our sunsets though! Tonight’s sunset was lit up in neon colors….too beautiful to put into words. Never ceases to amaze me….
Have a great week…..

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