October 19, 2010
No matter how many litters we have, it is always so much fun to see the sluggish, fat, little babies begin to emerge into playful little pups with their very own personality. Our moms are so intense in their care of their babies, and they have so much milk, that the babies are just like little “slugs” for a few weeks….all they do is sleep & eat!
As they approach 3-4 weeks, they are beginning to play and interact with each other and mom….you begin to see who is dominant or shy, who is cautious or adventuresome…it is amazing to see how much personality these little pups can have.
Crystal’s babies just turned 3 weeks old last Sunday, and they are transforming like little butterflies, almost overnight, into the most adorable little lovebugs….I love the transformation in their coats… Crystal always surprises us with unusual color combinations and this litter is particularly beautiful and interesting.
If you are looking for the sweetest, most loyal companion, then a pomeranian is for you….I have never known such adoring animals….just be prepared…if you get one, you will want more! LOL As always, email us or call if you have any questions about our current litters or want to see extra photos.
I hope you have a terrific, beautiful, Fall day!

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