October 26, 2011
I have never really quite understood that expression until now. With the forests burned all around us it has been stark and colorless for the last few weeks….completely lifeless actually. A very fierce contrast to the thick, lush green that has always been. However,
God’s creations cannot be stilled….already there are wild tulips and beautiful little wildflowers emerging up out of the ashes…incredible sight to see. The birds and butterflies are beginning to return (maybe just looking for their old stomping grounds!) and life is slowly detectable again amidst the fallen trees and the layers of ash.
A reminder to me that life never stands still. There is always something beautiful to see with a little patience and a watchful eye.
The spirit of our little pups reflects this strong sense of survival. These current litters have been so flexible! They survived the fire with us, they have made do in different surroundings and now they are all getting ready to leave us….I hate to see them go in some ways….we have been through so much together! 🙂
But they are all finding wonderful homes, which is always my quest.
They are so irresistible at this age and so soft and sweet.
I am in the process of updating and posting my newest litter which was born while we were staying at my son’s house…..they are all just precious. Hope to have them all posted by the end of the week.
Feel free to call or email anytime in the meantime if you want pics before then.

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