October 28, 2007
I know many of you have been experiencing Fall for a number of weeks now, but in Texas, we are just beginning to feel it. There is a dry coolness in the air in the morning and evenings that is so refreshing after months of heat and humidity. Our little dogs feel it too! They are so frisky and full of themselves….no more laying around trying not to expend energy in the heat of the day…they are running and romping and they are experiencing the same joy in being able to run and play without collapsing from the heat.
I just got back from spending a week in North Carolina, and the colors there were breathtaking….I so wish we experienced the change of seasons like that here in Texas, but for now we’ll just have to settle for a hint (a very small hint) of red/orange now and then before the leaves are gone. However, the cool breeze, the sight of beautiful hay bales, pumpkins and the first batch of tortilla soup for the season help us to rejoice and enjoy the change of seasons here. I hope you are all enjoying Fall this year and looking with anticipation on the upcoming holidays.
We still have three precious little babies looking for a forever home. Be sure to check our available page to see if you fall in love…..

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