September 15, 2011
So many of you have been asking about our pups, so I just thought I would let everyone know how amazing they are and how awesome so many friends and family have been.
Since we moved in temporarily with one of my sons and his wife and new granddbaby, we really needed to have some help with some of our dogs. We brought them all with us, including three brand new litters of pups.
Before we could even ask for it, we had so many offers to help with our beloved poms and we knew we had to take them up on it. So….about half of our poms have been placed temporarily with some very special families and we are grateful beyond words for their love and care.
It was a bit rough at first, as we were all disoriented a bit by the displacement and several of my poms were a little scared and confused. But after a week, all reports are coming in that they have “settled” in to new routines and are all being spoiled beyond belief. Nothing has made me feel better than knowing they are all doing so well.
All of the new moms and babies are here with me and we are all getting used to new routines too.
We have all settled in, including Dani, who is due to deliver this upcoming week.
We are supposed to have electricity back at our house by the 7th of October, so we will be displaced for another few weeks.
Every day is a new experience but we are embracing it with gusto!
We are so grateful for all the love and support….

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