September 13, 2011
Somehow, I cannot find the words to describe how I feel tonight. We were allowed to go back to our neighborhood today and I have just been overcome with emotions that I cannot get a handle on.
Our home is almost exactly like we left it, except for rotting food in the refrigerator from a week of no power. Even a candle on my front porch did not even melt! However, the forest around my home looks like it was hit by a nuclear bomb and almost every home, except for two others, for miles, is nothing but ashes. The sadness I feel makes me physically ache all over. So many people have lost absolutely everything.
We have lots of damage to our property….fences are down (gone really….burned completely away.) There are trees down and falling everywhere and the ash looks like snow it is so thick. But at least our home is in tact, ….. sadly, for so many others, life will have to begin all over from nothing!
My husband and I are regrouping and have begun to make a plan to put things in place in order for us to come home. We will be facing many challenges in the next few weeks and months, but we are hoping to come beside several of the families we know that lost everything and help them to begin the journey back as well.
Many of you have asked how you can help…..I will let you know of specific needs as I find out about them and respond to you personally if you have made an offer to help.
I have been completely overwhelmed with the amount of love, support and encouraging words sent from so many of you. What an incredible blessing. Thank you all SO much.
To those of you who have emailed about our mail….it is back up and running and the postman should be delivering tomorrow.

All of my newborns are growing like weeds and all of the poms are doing very well.

We have two new litters due in the next 2 weeks and these will be the last of my Fall litters. I do have one other litter due late October which will probably be the last ones available for this year.

Blessings to all….

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