October 23, 2013

Just thought I would let everyone know that Ziggy, Rikki, and Priscilla are due within the next week and each one of them is super lazy and fat this week….oh how I remember that feeling well just before my babies were born.  I so empathize with these gals….eat….sleep….eat some more….sleep….groan….roll over….can’t get comfortable….eat a little more….finally a comfortable spot to snooze…..LOL   They are so fun to watch and their little bodies are definitely getting ready to pop so babies should be here soon.  I love having a couple of litters close together as the moms do very well with each other.  Sometimes a mom may have too many and one may only have one or two so having them close helps with sharing some of the milk supply too.  Poms are so great that way and really love each other.  I have only had one that liked to “steal” the babies and claim them all to herself….she was quite the mom and we had to keep a close eye on her!  🙂

Hope you are all having a wonderful week….my sleepless nights will be here soon as I anticipate labor starting to get close. Stay tuned…..soon we shall have some newbies on the ground and they should be gorgeous!

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