Sept. 17, 2010
Our little pregnant mamas are getting fat. We have three deliveries due in the next three weeks and we are getting very excited.
It is always fun to have the newborns again and watch in amazement as they change so much every day and transform into such lovely little pomeranian puppies in the first few weeks.
Keep checking back if you are interested in a new pomeranian puppy during the Fall and we would be happy to add you to our updates/notification list if you want to send us your email.
We have also reduced the price on our two remaining pomeranian puppies from the summer litters. They will be entering into their “pomeranian uglies” stage in a few weeks (ugrrr), so we have reduced the price quite a bit in hopes of finding their homes soon…..they really love it here and they are beginning to bond with us….it will be hard to see them go as they are both such loveable little guys and SO smart!
I will try to keep my website updated on the progress of our new mamas so keep in touch!

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