September 23, 2010
The last of our summer babies will be leaving for their new homes this week and we are sad to see them go. They were with us a bit longer than usual and it is so easy to begin bonding with them. These last two boys are particularly sweet so it is especially hard to know they will be leaving. However, I am SO excited about the new families they will be joining and I know they will be loved. They are going to love all the special attention and spoiling they will get.
Crystal is due in just four days although I’m not sure she will make it through the weekend. She is very large so we are expecting her to have a nice litter. This is a first time pairing with our little man “Jack” so we are so excited to see what they will have. Jack has given us such beautiful puppies thus far and we are expecting these to be just lovely.
Keep checking back with us….I will try to keep updates on her progress as she goes into labor.

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