January 23, 2011
Ellie delivered her babies right on time on January 18th with a classic text book delivery and mom and babies are doing great. We could not believe she had three boys! We have had such a run on boys lately and very unusual to have so many litters with ONLY boys! But we are so grateful that they are healthy and thriving and Ellie is so happy to have puppies again. She has been resting for the past year or so and has been so jealous of the other moms with babies. She is very protective of her little ones and so proud of them!
She had one beautiful cream boy….very light tan…just a beautiful color. The next was a striking cream and ice white parti and one is a handsome cream/orange sable.
All three babies weighed between 4.5 and 5 oz. They are very healthy and hardy eaters and keeping mom busy! We look forward to watching these boys mature. Already cute little faces on these guys and great coats already coming in as well.
We are taking deposits on this litter and they should be ready for their new homes around the middle of March.

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