January 16, 2011
Amber & Taz had a beautiful little baby girl last night after a very long night of labor. Sometimes having just one is harder than having several babies. We are so pleased to have her as I had begun to think her breeding never did take. She never gained too much weight and didn’t seem big at all. But she had classic labor signs starting right on her due date so we knew something was up.
She is a beautiful little orange girl that we think will look just like her mom only a little lighter perhaps. We have decided to keep this little girl with us, but we do plan on breeding her again towards the end of the year.
Ellie, on the other hand, is as big as a house, so we have no doubt that her babies will be arriving shortly. She is due on Tuesday, but if she gets any bigger I think she will pop! She is not a very big girl herself, so she is just waddling around right now and staying very close to her bed and to me….whichever is closer! We will keep you posted of any news about her litter. We are so excited to see what she and Jack will produce. We know they will be sweethearts and we expect them to be beautiful as well!

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