April 22, 2008
After a VERY long night, Ellies puppies are all here. She went into labor around midnight last night and puppies were born at 1:13 a.m., 1:35 a.m., and 2:35 a.m. We finally got to bed about 3:30 when we were pretty sure there would not be any more. She did an awesome job for her first litter, but they are SO tiny! I’m not sure if she just has tiny puppies or if these are just going to be very tiny poms. The first 24 hours is critical, so we are trying not to disturb her much. She is a great, attentive mom and has to be forced to leave them to go potty outside. She does her business and comes back in immediately! She is very protective and SO proud of babies!
I will take pictures in a few days when they are all settled in and I know they are doing well and gaining weight. The birth weights on the two males are 4 1/2 oz. and 3 1/4 oz. The little girl only weighed in at 2 7/8 oz. She is TINY! She seems strong and is nursing well, but we will watch her closely because she is so tiny. All of them appear to be white/cream partis. It will be easier to tell in a few days when more of their coat is in.
Keep checking back for updates and thanks to all of you who have followed Ellie’s progress and shown such an interest….we’ll continue to post updates regularly.

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