April 30, 2008
Missy’s boys are growing and getting cuter everyday. They are now officially “romping” and playing. In their little world everything is either “on” or “off”. When things are “on” they are either eating or playing as hard as they can, when suddenly, almost without warning, everything is “off” and they have all dropped completely asleep cuddled as closely as they can be. They are so much fun to watch and play with at this age. Everything is new….every sound, every sight, every smell….you name it….they are learning and always curious about everything. Max & Benji will be going to wonderful homes here in Texas. A lot of our babies go out of state, so we are excited to have a few stay here as Texans. Check out our available page to see updated pictures and information about babies we have that are still available. Once you own a “pom”, you will never want anything else!

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