August 5, 2010
Well we are officially into the Dog Days of Summer here in Texas, although I have to admit, this has been a surprisingly pleasant summer overall in regards to the heat. Last year on this date we had already endured 67 days of triple digit heat! As of today this year, we have only had two! That is pretty amazing and you won’t find any complaints here. To help our dogs to fight heat and win this summer battle we can look for any doggy daycare near me to ensure them clean and apt environment to live and grow.You can also look into to get your dogs trained.
Our little pomeranian puppies feel the way I do….the heat just zaps your energy and you find yourself wanting to do absolutely NOTHING but drink iced cold tea and eat ice cream. I have to make sure their swimming pool is always full of fresh cool water and that they stay hydrated, just as I have to make sure I stay hydrated as well. We are all looking forward to that first hint of a cool breeze that comes with the first cold front. I’m afraid we have a ways to go yet.
Our pomeranian puppies are all SO cute right now and at the stage where I have to be restrained to not keep them all! They are so playful and full of life. They love you so unconditionally and they are just a joy.
If you are ready for a lifetime of love and sweet companionship, poms are definitely the breed for you.
We still have several babies waiting to find out where their forever home will be. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to call or email for updated information, etc.
We are in the midst of breeding for some fun fall litters but won’t know if they have taken for several weeks. The new Fall pomeranian puppies would not be ready for new homes until close to Thanksgiving.
If you would like to be on my updates/notification list, don’t forget to email and let me know. You will be the first to know of births, updates, reduced prices, etc.
Enjoy your day!

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